Product details
  • Pro-Black Extract

    Product Category:moisturizers,natural actives,lightening, whitening agents,anti-inflammatory, anti-irritants, soothing agents,anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle

    Product Description:Pro-Black Extract has excellent anti-wrinkle effect, is an extract of black ginseng. As ginseng is steamed and dried repeatedly, at least three times, the content of saponin and active ingredient such as Rg3 increases significantly. It also goes through Ultra High Pressure technology to prevent abnormal substances within the formulation and odor generation, increases specific ginsenoside component. It doesn't destroy covalent bonds, preventa nutrients from getting destroyed by heat.

Exhibitor details
  • ACT Co.,Ltd


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer,Distirbutor,Laboratory and Product Services

    Based on advanced technology and differentiated service, ACT Co., Ltd. offers reliable functional material that can be applied in cosmetics and personal care products for customers' better beauty and health. We provide effective, safe and stable ingredients with four main technology; Bioconversion, Encapsulation, Organic & Inorganic Synthesis and Plant Tissue Culture. We make costant effort for easy formulations as well as offering unique concepts for your cosmetics.