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  • C-cube

    Product Category:laboratory equipment

    Product Description:The c-cube is currently the only portable and portable system capable of 3D measurement by photometric stereo measurement.No polarization is required to eliminate reflection.It USES a patented dull lighting dome that prevents reflection without filtering some of the light, thereby darkening the image.C-cube can measure more than 20 parameters at a time (can be used to study wrinkles, dry skin peeling pores, pigments, erythema, vascularization, 3D imaging, hair scalp measurement and analysis, etc

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    Exhibitors Category:Laboratory and Product Services

    Shanghai Yikuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is the most advanced brand agent for cosmetic efficacy testing equipment, transdermal moisture loss measuring instrument of Delfin Delfin, Finland, cuticle hydration measuring instrument, skin color measuring instrument, sebum measuring instrument, elastic measuring instrument, Subcutaneous 0.5mm water content meter, etc., as well as the French high-precision 3D imager C-cube, and accurately measuring subcutaneous hemoglobin and collagen Siametrics and so on.