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  • Glabridin Overview

    Product Category:anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle,antioxidants, radical scavengers,anti-inflammatory, anti-irritants, soothing agents,anti-acne

    Product Description:Extract from Glycyrrhiza glabra Appearance: brown and white powder Purity:≥40% Suggested dosage: 0.02%-0.2% Suggested to dissolve in oil phase Suggested to use with natural whitening essence Suggested applications: cream,lotion Successful cases: Avon, Life Extension (Whitening) Suggested dosage:0.001%-3%,Most suitable dosage:0.001%-1% Inhibit tyrosinase Suggested dosage:0.0007%-0.05% Inhibit androgen and acne Suggested dosage:0.01%-0.5%

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    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    Our company is the largest manufacturer of licorice products in the world.Licorice products are used in tobacco,confectionary,food,personal care products and pharmaceutical's in a wide rang of applications to impart different functional characteristics.