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  • Consumer Research

    Product Category:consultancy / marketing

    Product Description:Our consumer research solution will provide services around every steps of product development.In the early stage, industry study and U&A research will help find the potential market and locate research direction.In the middle stage, co-creation with seed users and workshops are used to help select and optimize product concepts and formulas.In the later stage, through home use test, packaging test, advertising test to help optimize the product.After products launched, brand and ADs effectiveness

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    Exhibitors Category:Laboratory and Product Services

    China-Norm Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was formed by the merger of Fushuo Information and Norm Consulting in October 2001 through strategic restructuring. Based on management consulting and market research, cosmetic efficacy testing business was launched in 2003. Since then, the two major business sectors have been deeply cultivated, and the characteristics of comprehensive research services unique to China-Norm have been gradually formed.