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  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate

    Product Category:anti-acne,anti-inflammatory, anti-irritants, soothing agents,Fragrances,oral care ingredients

    Product Description:Fields of Application: in cosmetics industry, DPG could be used in cream, lotion, body shampoo,freckle curing cream, masks,etc.besides skin care, it is also beneficial to anti-inflammation, anti-allergy, anti-allergc products, it could be used in toothpaste. Usage: dissolve DPG with a small quantity of water under room tempe- rature until the solution appears clean and transparent, then add it into the cosmetics formula according to the process requirements. Dosage: suggested dose is 1%-5%

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    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    Our company is the largest manufacturer of licorice products in the world.Licorice products are used in tobacco,confectionary,food,personal care products and pharmaceutical's in a wide rang of applications to impart different functional characteristics.