Product details
  • Palm kernel oil diethanolamide

    Product Category:soap bases, syndets

    Product Description:This product belongs to non-ionic surfactant and has no cloud point. The character is light yellow to amber color viscous liquid, soluble in water, with good foam, foam stability, penetration decontamination, anti-hard water and other functions. Is a non-ionic surfactant, when the anion surfactant is acidic with the compatibility thickening effect is particularly obvious, and can be compatible with a variety of surfactants. Can enhance the cleaning effect, can be used as additives, foam stabiliz

Exhibitor details
  • YOULIAO information technology(Shanghai) co.,ltd


    Exhibitors Category:Distirbutor

    Youliao is a large-scale online business platform for online trading, which includes spot trading of chemical raw materials, payment settlement, warehousing logistics, and financial services. This platform can supply chemical raw materials for daily chemicals, textiles, leather, inks, coatings, resins, electroplating, electronics, food, medicines and so on.