Product details

    Product Category:rheology modifiers, thickeners

    Product Description:Natural, readily biodegradable rheology modifier that outperforms current alternatives like Xanthan Gum in thickening and texturizing skin care while being compatible with all major ecolabels. · Provides superior viscosity ·Reduces issues with stringiness ·Ensures smooth, pleasant texture ·Attractive origin from Peruvian Andes ·100% RCI and readily biodegradable

Exhibitor details
  • Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    Clariant is a focused, sustainable, and innovative specialty chemical company based in Muttenz, near Basel/Switzerland. On 31 December 2021, Clariant totaled a staff number of 11 537 and recorded sales of CHF 4.372 billion in the fiscal year for its continuing business. Clariant’s corporate strategy is led by the overarching purpose of” Greater chemistry – between people and planet,” and reflects the importance of connecting customer focus, innovation, sustainability, and people.

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