Product details
  • Human safety test and efficacy evaluation

    Product Category:clinical / efficacy testing services (in-vitro/in-vivo)

    Product Description:Human skin patch test, test method of anti-hair loss efficacy of cosmetics, safety evaluation of human use test, determination of sunscreen index (SPF value) of sunscreen cosmetics, determination of waterproof performance of sunscreen cosmetics, determination of long-wave ultraviolet protection index (PFA value) of sunscreen cosmetics, test method of anti-spot and whitening efficacy of cosmetics, etc.

Exhibitor details


    Exhibitors Category:Laboratory and Product Services

    As the pioneer, contributor and witness of the development history of zebrafish technology application in China, Hunter Bio. has successfully applied the internationally leading zebrafish biological evaluation technology, gene editing technology and organoid technology to the formulation research and development, raw material screening, production quality control, marketing endorsement, new product filing and construction and operation of zebrafish laboratory!

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