Product details
  • SYTOIN®Ectoin

    Product Category:humectants,biological, marine extracts, biofermentation,natural actives,anti-inflammatory, anti-irritants, soothing agents

    Product Description:SYTOIN®Ectoin has undergone two important technological breakthroughs. The first technological upgrading has realized the industrialization of heterologous synthesis of Ectoin in Escherichia coli for the first time, breaking the foreign technological monopoly dominated by halophilic bacteria. The second technical iteration realized the efficient synthesis of Ectoin in food-grade Corynebacterium glutamicum, and synthesized more natural and safer Ectoin.

Exhibitor details


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    As one of the global leading innovative and intelligent manufacturers in synthetic biology, SIYOMICRO is committed to providing brand-new production methods and solutions for industries, while adhering to the unique “π” strategy consisting of one core, two synthetic arms and multiple industrial applications.

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