Product details
  • Carrageenan

    Product Category:rheology modifiers, thickeners,biological, marine extracts, biofermentation

    Product Description:Product Description:CPKELCO: Different types of carrageenan provide different functions. Lamda carrageenan CG-129 gives you luxurious and soft skin feeling experience. Iota Carrageenan CG-131 creates transparent gel experience with soft elastic texture.Kappa Carrageenan CG-130 creates a hard and brittle transparent gel. Using different types of carrageenan, interesting formulations of different textures and dosage forms can be developed.

Exhibitor details
  • Azelis (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


    Exhibitors Category:Distirbutor

    Azelis is a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry across the globe.Our knowledgeable teams of industry, market and technical experts are each dedicated to a specific market within Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. Azelis distributes ingredients cover Food & Health, Personal Care (incl.: Skin Care, Bath & Body, Hair Care, Decorative cosmetics, Sun Care, Fragrance & ingredients, Oral Care), Pharma, HomeCare, Argo., IC, CASE, etc.

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