Product details

    Product Category:biological, marine extracts, biofermentation,natural actives,film former,antibacterial,oral care ingredients

    Product Description:MILLTECT inhibits biofilm formation by inhibiting the adhesion of oral bacteria, and furthermore, it can prevent various oral diseases derived from biofilms.

Exhibitor details
  • Ichimaru Pharcos Co., Ltd


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    We, IPC, have had more than 63 years history to research and develop cosmetological actives obtained from natural resources. Our products are highly evaluated both world class cosmetic companies and local cosmetic manufacturers in the world. Not only we distribute our natural ingredients, we supply the latest cosmetic trend, intelligence properties, and cosmetic law in the world. In this exhibition, we will present new actives sensitive skin, anti-aging, hair growth, skin transparent, anti-acne

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