Product details
  • all-trans Retinal,Retinaldehyde; Vitamin A aldehyde,CAS: 116-31-4

    Product Category:lightening, whitening agents,anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle,vitamins,antibacterial

    Product Description:Retinal is a key substance of human endogenous vitamin A and eye sensitivity, and has very good safety. The research on retinal and vitamin A has won the Nobel Prize for many times. Retinal is the only natural vitamin A with similar biological activity to retinoic acid, but milder than retinoic acid. Clinically proven, retinal is converted to retinoic acid 11 times faster than retinol (Retinol 11) and stimulates collagen production 1000 times higher than retinol.

Exhibitor details
  • Puripharm Co., Ltd.


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    PuriPharm, co., ltd. is a high-tech biopharmaceutical enterprise specializing in the development of functional active raw materials and nano-biological drugs. It is technology-driven and market-oriented company committed to the beauty and health. Based on platform technologies such as green chemistry, biotechnology, nano-encapsulation and plant extraction, a series of active products have been developed, which can be used in fields such as medicine, functional cosmetics and food.