Product details
  • Shea Butter

    Product Category:moisturizers,film former,anti-inflammatory, anti-irritants, soothing agents,antioxidants, radical scavengers,emollients, oils, fats

    Product Description:The predominant fatty acid in Shea Butter is oleic acid (C18:1), but it also contains stearic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. Shea butter is rich in non-saponifiable components. It contains anti-inflammatory triterpene alcohols and natural Vitamin E. It is used as a base for salves, in lip care products, hand creams and baby care products. High in unsaponifiable matter, which has a positive effect on the skin. It prevents the skin from drying out and binds moisture.

Exhibitor details
  • Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH


    Exhibitors Category:Distirbutor,Manufacturer

    As a leading supplier and producer, we gain high-quality oils, vegetable butter, waxes, seed flours and oleoresins from nature's plenty. Selected suppliers worldwide, ongoing close contact with the raw mate-rial markets, our own production and storage capacities, comprehensive and customer-focused service, first-class proprietary quality control and product development combined with a wide range of quality accredita-tions guarantee our competitiveness.