Product details
  • Almond Oil

    Product Category:anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle,moisturizers,film former,antioxidants, radical scavengers,emollients, oils, fats

    Product Description:Almond Oil can be used as a versatile base oil for every skin type. It penetrates and moisturises the skin well. Almond Oil relieves irritation for rough, flaky and dry skin. It is very well suited for use as a massage oil and could be used in baby care products, lip balms and hair-care products.

Exhibitor details
  • Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH


    Exhibitors Category:Distirbutor,Manufacturer

    As a leading supplier and producer, we gain high-quality oils, vegetable butter, waxes, seed flours and oleoresins from nature's plenty. Selected suppliers worldwide, ongoing close contact with the raw mate-rial markets, our own production and storage capacities, comprehensive and customer-focused service, first-class proprietary quality control and product development combined with a wide range of quality accredita-tions guarantee our competitiveness.