Product details
  • GARAMITE-7308 XR Mixed organophilic thixotrope from natural Bentonite

    Product Category:rheology modifiers, thickeners,thickeners

    Product Description:GARAMITE products are made using the patented Mixed Mineral Thixotrope technology. They provide performance benefits cannot be achieved by traditional organoclay additives. In Personal Care, GARAMITE-7308 XR is very effective in oils and low to medium polar solvents to stabilize emulsions, suspend pigments and prevent syneresis in W/O emulsions. Additionally, GARAMITE-7308 XR can be used to improve the thixotropic flow behavior of cosmetic formulations while providing only moderate thickening.

Exhibitor details
  • ECKART Asia Limited


    Exhibitors Category:Distirbutor,Manufacturer

    Founded in 1876 in Germany, ECKART is an international manufacturer of pearl and metallic pigments enhancing color cosmetics and adding elegant and expressive shimmer/shine/sparkle to formulations. We also supply rheological additives. Product and service quality are our highest priority. Our creative and dedicated teams help customers with state-of-the-art guiding formulations. ECKART Asia also promotes Spectra dyes & pigments, Radiant fluorescent pigments and Sigmund Lindner glitter powder.