Product details
  • SILVERDREAM pigment preparations for nail polish

    Product Category:colours / dyes,colorants, colour enhancers, dyes, pigments, glitters

    Product Description:SILVERDREAM are metallic pigment preparations for nail polishes. Besides standing out by luxurious and valorizing metallic look, the pigment preparations unfold additional attractiveness when combined with pearlescent pigments like MIRAGE or SYNCRYSTAL as well as colorants. The product line features impressive metallic highlights like starlight, which represents captivating silver sparkle or prismatic types, unique products made by PVD technology with outstanding rainbow-like appearance.

Exhibitor details
  • ECKART Asia Limited


    Exhibitors Category:Distirbutor,Manufacturer

    Founded in 1876 in Germany, ECKART is an international manufacturer of pearl and metallic pigments enhancing color cosmetics and adding elegant and expressive shimmer/shine/sparkle to formulations. We also supply rheological additives. Product and service quality are our highest priority. Our creative and dedicated teams help customers with state-of-the-art guiding formulations. ECKART Asia also promotes Spectra dyes & pigments, Radiant fluorescent pigments and Sigmund Lindner glitter powder.