Product details
  • Expozen

    Product Category:natural actives,anti-inflammatory, anti-irritants, soothing agents

    Product Description:Expozen is composed of small sugars extracted using an innovative radical depolymerisation technology from an algea growing in the Indian Ocean, Halymenia durvillei, and that have physiological efficacy on neurogenic inflammation and skin discomfort. Cytokines release and vasodilation are reduced, as well as the bacteria associated with inflammation CORYNEBACTERIUM KROPPENSTEDTII.

Exhibitor details
  • Greentech


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    GREENTECH is a specialist in cosmetic and health care industry, which speciallizes in the research and production of plant extracts and actives.The R&D center has numerous specialist in various sectors( plants and human biology, physiology, nutirtion, chemistry, bio-processing and microbiology), skilled engineers and technicians, equipped with advanced analytical and biological facilities. Thanks to these benifits, the center has been awarded several prizes in scientific and economic areas.