Product details
  • Acnilys

    Product Category:anti-acne,natural actives

    Product Description:Acnilys, rich in Acylphloroglucinols, Polyphenols and Organic acids all known to act on oily skin and acne symptoms, has a global activity by modulating directly the bacteria species C.Acnes IA1 and C.Granulosum associated with acne and inflammation, modulating microbiota for a better diversity, inhibiting 5-α Reductase and sebum production. In Vivo study shows -57% of papules and -41% of sebum on the nose.

Exhibitor details
  • Greentech


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    GREENTECH is a specialist in cosmetic and health care industry, which speciallizes in the research and production of plant extracts and actives.The R&D center has numerous specialist in various sectors( plants and human biology, physiology, nutirtion, chemistry, bio-processing and microbiology), skilled engineers and technicians, equipped with advanced analytical and biological facilities. Thanks to these benifits, the center has been awarded several prizes in scientific and economic areas.