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  • Truwhitin™

    Product Category:anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle,botanicals, essential oils, plant extracts

    Product Description:Europeans rank truffles with caviar and foie gras as [the world's three most delicacies], and white truffles are even more praised as [the diamond of delicious food].Ashland hereby declares that products under the trade name Truwhitin™:INCI name-water, butanediol, hexylene glycol, TUBER MAGNATUM extract, of which the raw material of white truffle is produced in Piedmont, Italy City of Alba,wherein the white truffle Origin.Ashland is exclusively customized for Hope-tec

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  • Shanghai Hope-Tec Biotechnology Inc.


    Exhibitors Category:Manufacturer

    We’re Hope-Tec, a professional cosmetic ingredient supplier, representative of botanical extracts from Huiwen China, natural preservatives and emulsifiers from Evonik Dr.straetmans of Germany, and titanium powder from Tayca Japan. We have our own independent R&D center located in Shanghai, including laboratories for formulating, micro-biological challenge testing and ingredient evaluating etc., and an ODM factory under ERP management.