Exhibitor Name Product Name Product Description
NAGASE Personal Care AA2G™ AA2G™ is a stabilized time-released Vitamin C derivative produced from ascorbic acid and starch using enzymatic technology developed by Hayashibara / NAGASE.
NAGASE Personal Care Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin is a highly soluble bioflavonoid sourced from citrus fruit peels. It helps to promote healthy skin by improving microcirculation to overcome the negative physical effects by stress, tiredness and cold environment.
富铂化工有限公司 Anti-aging Peptides Corum peptides are available in both water soluble and oil dispersible forms and provide outstanding anti-aging effects in many aspects, including the stimulation of collagen synthesis&fibroblast proliferation, which can help in restoring skin youth.
深圳市长园嘉彩环境材料有限公司 APG-CH100c(APG1214) /Lauryl Glucoside  Products will appear solidified under low temperature, non-uniform or uniform paste are normal phenomenon, and will not change its performance.
深圳市长园嘉彩环境材料有限公司 APG-CH200c(APG0810) This product can be stored in its original unopened containers at 0 to 45℃ for at least 1 year.
If stored at above 45℃, the color of the product will become darker gradually.
Transported as general chemicals, seal upward, rain-proof and sun-proof.
深圳市长园嘉彩环境材料有限公司 APG-CH308c(APG0814)/Decyl Glucoside, Coco glucoside Products will appear solidified under low temperature, non-uniform or uniform paste are normal phenomenon, and will not change its performance. The product should be heated and stirred until uniform before use.
Silab AQUASEBOM® AQUASEBOM® is a China-designed natural active obtained from the flower of the silk-cotton tree (Bombax malabaricum). With its dual hydra-matte efficacy, the Asian volunteers recover a skin better hydrated, with tighter pores and reduced shine. 
富铂化工有限公司 Azeclair TM Azeclair TMis an azelaic acid derivative with sebum normalizing and skin brightening properties. It can significantly improve skin oiliness and the skin tone in 3 weeks. Over 70% of volunteers found their skin felt morehydrated and smoother.
Sinerga Azeloglicina Active ingredient designed to illuminate skin complexion. It inhibits melanin synthesis and reduces cutaneous sebum production, improving skin radiance, evenness, cutaneous elasticity and hydration. 
科思创聚合物(中国)有限公司 Baycusan® C 1010 For superior hair styling
科思创聚合物(中国)有限公司 Baycusan® C 1004/1 For long-lasting makeup
For water-based & peelable nail polishes 
For long-term and convenient sun protection
For easy & gentle peel-off masks
For advanced face care
RAHN AG CELLACTIVE® It stimulates the production of adhesion proteins in order to improve cellular cohesion In epidermis. It triggers the production of multiple extracellular matrix components in the dermis and helps skin to quickly regain its firmness and elasticity.
广西昌洲天然药业有限公司  Centella Asiatica Extract Total Triterpenes 10-80%
Asiaticoside 10-95%
Madecassoside 10-90%
TECA (Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica)75%, 95%
Free Genins 85%
Madecassic Acid  80%
Asiatic Acid  90%
COPTIS Coptis Docs by M-Files Coptis Docs by M-Files is an Electronic Document Management System designed for cosmetic companies.
COPTIS Coptis TOX The database to access to toxicology information
of more than 2,000 substances
富铂化工有限公司 Corum Emollients Corum emollients are synthetic esters can soften&moisturize skin and accelerate absorption of active ingredients. They have better spreadabliity and permeability compare to natural oils and are less greasy&higher polarity compared with triglycerides.
萪芙德 Cosphaderm® CHA
萪芙德 Cosphaderm® Feel
萪芙德 Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract 98
萪芙德 Cosphaderm® T-70 NON GMO
萪芙德 Cosphaderm® X 34
杭州林格贝科技有限公司 D panthenol  Popular Name: Pro-vitamin B5; D Panthenyl alcohol; Dexpanthenol
Appearance:Colorless, viscous liquid
RAHN AG DEFENSIL® An anti-inflammatory, soothing, protective, repairing, regenerating and anti-aging active. Cardiospermum againsts itching and allergic skin rashes, protects irritated skin. Echium oil has anti-inflammatory effet, protects and strengthens skin barrier
Sinerga Dolcévia Pure extract from the Stevia rebaudiana dry leaves, it counteracts involuntary face micro muscle contractions and the following creation of furrows, wrinkles or lines. A very
small concentration is needed for visible results already after 7 days
Silab ECOBIOTYS® ECOBIOTYS® is a double-awarded natural active ingredient bio-inspired by the regulating capacity of floral nectar microbiota, the Nectarobiota®. It rebalances the microbiota of mature skin to improve their quality and recover a radiant complexion.
杭州林格贝科技有限公司 Ethyl Ascorbic acid  PRODUCT NAME:Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
INCI NAME:3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
CAS No. :86404-04-8
SYNONYMS : Vitamin C ethyl ether
富铂化工有限公司 Et-VC TM Et-VC is a multi-functional VC derivative with excellent whitening, anti-oxidation, free radical-scavenging and collagen boosting effect. Recent study shown that Et-VC can provide full coverage against UVA/UVB & blue light to help combat photoaging.
TEXTRON PLIMON S.L.U EVOCREAM H60 EVOCREAM H60 is a pearlescent pigment used to
mimic “mother of pearl” in a whole range of
applications. A high refraction index and crystalline
structure give bismuth oxychloride a unique
combination of properties for the most natural
imitation of nacre. 
TEXTRON PLIMON S.L.U EVOSHEEN PREMIUM UVS EVOSHEEN PREMIUM UVS is a pigment that imparts the following properties to cosmetics:
- Sparkle effect
- High brilliance
- Soft focus
- Optimal compressibility
- Binding characteristics
TEXTRON PLIMON S.L.U EVOSHIELD EVOSHIELD is a white cosmetic color additive. Light interference from its
plate-like structure gives UV protection.
Odorless, dust-free powder, with chemical
formula BiOCl. Composition: pure bismuth
oxychloride (BiOCL) 99.5-100%. 
广州宝莱美科技有限公司 Filling Machine This Filling machine is designed to fill different viscosity products which ranging from thin liquids to thick cream and serve cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, etc. The features of high filling speed, high filing accuracy and wide applicability. 
杭州林格贝科技有限公司 glabridin Assay :40.0% minimum
Loss on Drying :5.0% maximum
Melting Point :154-155°C
Glabridincontents(HPLC)  : >40%
Application : Brightening, skin lightening, anti-aging
智祥生技股份有限公司 Green Algae Extract - BG - Detoxing Heavy Metals
- Reduce scars on the skin
- Nutrition to skin
- Anti-ultraviolet injure
富铂化工有限公司 HotFlux® HotFlux® is a mild warming agent that provides gentle and long-lasting warming sensation. It enhances vasodilation . HotFlux® can be used in products for sport, slimming, intimacy, hair growth, as well as lip plumper, which make lips appear ruddy.
RAHN AG HYDRACTIN®-LMF A symbiotic combination of three forest plants, is an anti-ageing moisturiser. Lichen Cetraria islandica (Iceland moss), Moss Sphagnum magellanicum (peat moss) and fern Polypodium vulgare (common polypody) are true experts at dealing with moisture.
JEEN International Jeechem NDA alkanes The Jeechem NDA products are high purity alkanes derived from vegetable feedstocks, engineered specifically for their properties and performance. They can be used in skin care, hair care, and color cosmetics.We also offer an effective D5 replacement.
JEEN International Jeechem® TDTM-MC Jeechem® TDTM-MC is a specially designed composite ester of tridecyl trimellitate and triisostearyl citrate specifically formulated to give a velvety soft feel to color cosmetics while minimizing drag and reducing the need for fillers and binders.
JEEN International Jeecide® AA Series Jeecide® AA Series is a globally-approved broad spectrum line of preservatives. Jeecide® AA and Jeecide® AA Plus are proven effective against bacteria, yeast, and mould. Jeen has substantiating challenge test data proving their efficacy.
JEEN International Jeesilc ER-1 Jeesilc ER-1 is an innovative film former with a light feel and great skin and hair adhesion properties. It is ideal for sun care, color cosmetics, and hair care. Its comfortable long wear feel is  perfect for all types of finished applications.
JEEN International Jeesperse® OptiDerm™ Jeesperse® OptiDerm™ is an All-Natural Skin Barrier Maintenance and Repair Solution designed to support the skin barrier while providing all-in-one emulsifying, thickening, and skin conditioning properties to formulations.
CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH  JuvenEye CLR™ Based on a synergistic combination of extracts of Hieracium pilosella and the flowers of Bellis perennis, JuvenEye CLR™ addresses the most important dermatological processes in the formation and persistence of dark circles. 
智祥生技股份有限公司 Leesfoam-L4P - Surfactant
- O/W Emulsifier
- Tearless Foaming Agent & Cleanser
RAHN AG LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO It is a concentrated mannan fraction isolated from the South African medical plant Bulbine frutescens.is an intelligent collagen booster, which recalibrates the equilibrium between the decomposition and reconstruction of dermal structures.
RAHN AG LIFTONIN® - XPRESS Acts as instant wrinkle minimizer. Contains a lyophilisate from the microalga porphyridium cruentum with macromolecular phycocolloids embedded in a film matrix made from natural polymers. Intense, immediately noticeable and lasts for several hours. 
广州宝莱美科技有限公司 Liquid Washing Mixing Tank This machine is suitable for manufacturing various liquid products (such as liquid soap, detergent, shampoo, shower gel etc). It integrates mixing, homogenizing, heating, cooling, pump discharge finished products and defoaming (optional) functions. 
NAGASE Personal Care MG-60  MG-60 is a multifunctional clear carbohydrate liquid which imparts smooth texture and protects skin against irritation. MG-60 also improves foam
richness resulting in long-lasting lather with luxuriant after-feel.
CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH  MultiMoist CLR™ MultiMoist CLR™ activates production of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and promotes the VDR’s activation. It also potentiates the effect of vitamin D. As a consequence the skin becomes more moisturized. 
TRI-K Industries, Inc. NaturePep® Sacha Inchi A botanical based natural peptide, NaturePep® Sacha Inchi is a multi-functional, anti-aging ingredient clinically proven to decrease facial sagginess for a more contoured jawline, restructure & smooth skin, increase dermis density & reduce wrinkles.
Silab NEUROFENSE® NEUROFENSE® is an overall natural neuro-soothing active ingredient derived from the roots of red sage, a Chinese medicinal plant. Tested on Caucasian and Asian skin, its multiethnic efficacy restores comfort and protection to sensitive skin.
国际香精香料/卢卡斯梅耶化妆品公司 OiLESS'City
智祥生技股份有限公司 Okra Extract-BG - Anti-inflammatory
- Antioxidant
- Emollient
- Moisturizer
Sinerga Pea.Protein Pea.Protein is a hydrolyzed protein able to improve skin tone and elasticity by performing a filler and anti-aging effect, while in hair care it has a strong restructuring properties, increasing its resistance.
广州宝莱美科技有限公司 Perfume Chiller This perfume chiller, perfume cooling circulation filtration system for perfume is developed on the basis of oversea advanced technology, it is specialized to use in clarification and filtration of fluid after freezing in cosmetic water and perfume.
Sinerga Phytocream® 2000 Anionic/non-ionic PEG-free O/W emulsifier of vegetable origin. It's  suitable for cosmetic formulations rich in vegetable oils. Its structure fits the stratum corneum restoring the lipid film.
TRI-K Industries, Inc. PhytoVie® Defense PhytoVie® Defense has the power to stay on skin longer, delivering superior protection from damage caused by aging pollutants and environmental aggressors.
GFC Life Science Co., Ltd ProB-glucan
味之素株式会社  (AJINOMOTO Healthy Supply Co., Inc.) PRODEW®600
GFC Life Science Co., Ltd Protection-P
NAGASE Personal Care Pullulan Pullulan is a naturally occurring, low viscosity
polysaccharide with excellent lubricant, adhesive
and film-forming properties, leaving a natural siliconelike after-feel. Pullulan also provides an instant lift-up effect on the skin.
CODIF Technologie Naturelle 法国科蒂芙 RAYKAMI 
Silab RECOVERINE® Obtained from French chestnuts, RECOVERINE® is a patented and eco-designed active capable of stimulating epidermal homeostasis and ensuring a functional, effective cutaneous barrier. Tested on Asian volunteers, it offers a complete care for dry skin.
Sinerga Red Alga Gel EC Red Alga Gel®EC is a hydrocolloid obtained by a red seaweed of Pacific Ocean.Rich in carrageenans, it shows a remarcable film-forming action; it protects from external agents and stops dehydration, leading to A long-lasting moisturization.
TRI-K Industries, Inc. Rice Tein NPNF® Energize hair with volume and bounce. Effective anti-irritant for sensitive skin.

智祥生技股份有限公司 Sea Grapes Extract–BG #NAME?
RAHN AG SEBOCLEAR An optimum self-reinforcing system for physical and biochemical support of the skin. Plantago lanceolata and mahonia prevent against subsequent inflammation occurrences of the skin. Acteoside and berberine have an antibacterial effect.
RAHN AG SEBOCLEAR™-MP SEBOCLEAR™-MP is a multifunctional and natural active ingredient from the leaves of Maclura cochinchinensis. It gets to the root cause of oily skin, setting all levers in motion to prevent the formation of comedones and acne vulgaris.
RAHN AG SLIMEXIR® Acts as an anti-dark circle/eye puffiness, detoxifying and slimming/anti-cellulite. The combination of X-Melt®, extract of artichoke (cynara scolymus) and the polysaccharide levan mutually support each other and efficiently combat excess fat.
湖南丽臣奥威实业有限公司  Sodium Alkyl Ethoxy Sulfate RSAW ESB70/ZA is a high active toiletry grade of lauryl ether sulphate made by continuous SO3sulfation of an ethoxylated narrow cut, fatty alcohol followed by neutralization with caustic soda.
湖南丽臣奥威实业有限公司  Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate (AOS35) RSAW AOS35/ZA is widely used in the formulation of washing, personal care products. And it can enhance the cleaning efficiency of formula and produce rich foam, cooperating with other surfactants.
湖南丽臣奥威实业有限公司  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS93/K12), Powder Solid RSAW LXPS/ZA,As a foaming agent,is widely used in the formulation of toothpaste,other toiletry and cleaning products. And it is also used as emulsifier/wetting agent in various fields.
三瑞梦(北京)科技发展有限公司 Spectra Pigments
广州天赐高新材料股份有限公司 TC-CARBOMER FD980 TC-CARBOMER FD980 is an easy to disperse and self-wetting carbomer that has similar function properties with TC-CARBOMER 380, and it can be used in a variety of personal care applications. 
广州天赐高新材料股份有限公司 TC-UV TDSA TC-UV TDSA is an organic and high performing UV filter with broad-spectrum, This product absorbs efficiently for UVA and best at wavelength of 345nm. In addition, TC-UV TDSA is chemically stable as hard to decompose and penetrate into skin.
智祥生技股份有限公司 Toona Sinensis Sprout Extract - GL
NAGASE Personal Care Trehalose 100 Trehalose 100 is a naturally occurring disaccharide with regenerative ability which helps to protect skin and hair damage from dehydration even under extremely dry conditions.
智祥生技股份有限公司 Tremella Extract-AQ - Moisturizing
- Replenishing
- Film Former
TRI-K Industries, Inc. TRIglyphix® Sense TRIglyphix® Sense enhances anti-inflammatory mechanisms while improving the activity of genes involved in barrier function, stress response and repair mechanisms.
TRI-K Industries, Inc. TRIspire Vitalize In hair, it enables high performance of shampoos, conditioners, styling and treatment products for easy combing, body, shine and manageability. In skin it moisturizes and delivers a soft after-feel, which makes skin look and feel younger.
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-1218
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-A.P
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-B0321
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-B0621
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-B0923
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-B1222
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-Bright
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-ElaSkin
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-GREEN
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-PURPLE
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-RED
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-Saponist
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-WHITE
Unisolve Co., Ltd. UMEX-YELLOW
Unisolve Co., Ltd. Uniol-H1
广州市龙慧贸易有限公司 Uvinul®  A Plus Granular 
南京安易科化工有限公司 VcOS (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate)
Synthos care VECTICELL AEC
Synthos care VECTICELL HA
智祥生技股份有限公司 White Orchid Flower Extract - BG 1. Whitening
2. Anti-inflammatory
3. Antimicrobial
4. Antioxidant
5. Astringent
6. Hydration
7. Soothing
山东众山生物科技有限公司 alpha-Arbutin It's manufactured by bio-transformation technology with high quality of more than 99.5% assay and non-hydroquinone.
上海珈叶实业有限公司 Antisebum® GMP Antisebum® GMP is a safe, brand-new anti-acne ingredient with combinative function: anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation and anti-sebum.
上海珈叶实业有限公司 Renovate ECT ECTis a small molecule derivative from amino acid, which is extracted from extremophiles. ECT has a simple mechanism of action and strong effects. It can protect skin cell from all damage elements,
北京东方淼森生物科技有限公司 Puri-Six Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. Improves
skin microcirculation and metabolism; inhibits the
production of melanin while ensure cellular viability, improves skin clarity and a heathy glow from within.
上海珈叶实业有限公司 Gmoist® Sea-Gel Sea-Gel is a new type of moisturizing agent derived from marine plant Fucus Algae. Sea-Gel maintain skin healthy and watery, and bring users bright skin and a smooth and clean touch-feeling.
北京东方淼森生物科技有限公司 Royal Treat A herbal combination based on the Qi-Blood Theory of TCM, combined with modern scientific methodologies. It opens up nutrient supply channels in the skin and allows youthful and radiant skin, rosy and bright complexion.
山东众山生物科技有限公司 Ascorbyl Glucoside Ascorbyl Glucoside is a kind of natural vitamin C with high stability and widely used in the products of skin lightening, anti-aging and skin protection from UV damage. The Ascorbyl Glucoside is manufactured with more than 98.0% assay.
美国Active Peptide Company   济肽生物 Cosmetic Peptides Group 1- Anti-wrinkle Copper Tripeptide-1   GHK-Cu 1:1
Bis(Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate   GHK-Cu 2:1
Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl  Benzylamide Diacetate Intermediate 
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 
吉安荣威生物科技有限公司 Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP has been refined to a point where trace pesticide residues are practically undetectable. It fully meets the requirements of the current European Pharmacopoeia.The high purity without sacrificing product color makes it ideal f
吉安荣威生物科技有限公司 Anhydrous Lanolin USP93 Anhydrous Lanolin USP93 can be used in the most exacting applications where color, odor and purity are critical. It is an excellent emollient and is readily absorbed by the skin, it has powerful w/o emulsifying properties. Anhydrous Lanolin USP can b
北京东方淼森生物科技有限公司 AQP Free Maintains the moisture level in the skin through replenishing, clearing, fortifying and nourishing the dermal tissues which prevents flaking and ageing. This effect is achieved by activating AQP3 Channels in the stratum cornueum.
上海珈叶实业有限公司 Gwhite® multi-Herbs  Multi-Herbs from Phyllostachis Bambusoides, Sophora Flavescens, Lycium Barbarum and Pyracantha Fortuneana. Multi-Herbs is a safe and effective skin whitening agent. At the same time,  exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects.
上海珈叶实业有限公司 Comthing® SGS  Comthing® SGS contains three classical anti-inflammatory active components extracted from Sophora Flavescens, Glycyrrhiza Inflata and Scutellaria Baicalensis. 
吉安荣威生物科技有限公司 PEG-75 Lanolin Flake PEG-75 Lanolin is an ethoxylated lanolin condensate with a mean chain length of 75 ethylene oxide units produced as a fine flake for easier handling and faster dispersion in aqueous systems.  PEG-75 Lanolin PEG-75 Lanolin is a water soluble moisturis
COPTIS Coptis Lab  Coptis Lab software package is specifically designed for cosmetic formulation laboratories and Regulatory Affairs.
It includes the various stages of the development of a cosmetic formula, from the marketing brief to the regulatory file.
北京东方淼森生物科技有限公司 Ganoderm Replenishes and invigorates skin micro-circulation
and metabolism. It reduces fine lines, rough texture
and dull complexion by inducing a healthy and 1-5% robust sub-dermal skin condition which is reflected
through the exterior.
吉安荣威生物科技有限公司 Cholesterol NF Cholesterol NF is a odourless white powder that derived from woolgrease, it fully meets the requirements of the United States National Formulary at a minimum 95% purity.
Cholesterol NF is the chosen grade for pharmaceutical manufacture, including Vita
北京东方淼森生物科技有限公司 Irriguard A combination of 5 herbal ingredients to improve the sensitivity of the skin: i.e. itching, redness, swelling, tightness and tingling; can effectively repair skin damage.
山东众山生物科技有限公司 Sodium Hyaluronate Our Sodium Hyaluronate with HALAL, Ecocert, Written confirmation for active substances exported to EU by CFDA and CEP certified is manufactured under the workshop in compliance with GMP. The molecular weight ranges from 3,000-2,500,000 Dalton.
湖南丽臣奥威实业有限公司  Alkyl benzene sulphonate (LABSA) RSAW LABSA,As the most important basic washing raw materials, can be widely applied in washing powder and detergent products. It has good characteristics in many respects, such as dissolving ability, wash ability, foaming ability and compatibility.
南京安易科化工有限公司 Alkyl Polyglucoside
杭州林格贝科技有限公司 alpha arbutin cas 84380-01-8  PRODUCT NAME:alpha arbutin 
INCI NAME:4-Hydroquinone-alpha-D-glucopyranosideMolecular
CAS No. :84380-01-8
MF: C12H16O7
MW: 272.26
Appearance: White fine powder
Melting point :202-206(±0.5)℃
Stability PH: 5 ~ 7
Heavy metals ≤10ppm
Assay ≥99.50%
湖南丽臣奥威实业有限公司  Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate(AL70/K12A/AES) RSAW AL70/ZA is a high active, toiletry grade of ammonium lauryl sulphate manufactured by continuous SO3sulphation of a narrow cut alcohol, followed by ammonia neutralization.
TEXTRON PLIMON S.L.U BISMUTH - EVOSHEEN 2600 UVS EVOSHEEN 2600 UVS is a pigment that imparts the following properties to cosmetics:
- Satin luster
- Excellent covering power
- Silky feel
- Soft focus
- Optimal compressibility
- Binding characteristics
TEXTRON PLIMON S.L.U BISMUTH - EVOSHEEN B UVS EVOSHEEN B UVS is a pigment that imparts the following properties to cosmetics:
- Rich satin luster
- Excellent covering power
- Soft creamy feel
- Soft focus
- Optimal compressibility
- Binding characteristics
杭州林格贝科技有限公司 chlorphenesin  Product name: Chlorophenesin
Chemical name: 3-(4-Chlorphenoxy)-1, 2-propane-diol
CAS: 104-29-0
INCI: Chlorphenesin
IUPAC: 3-(4-chlorophenoxy) propane-1, 2-diol
EINECS: 203-192-6
Molecular formula: C9H11ClO3
Molecular weight: 202.6
广州宝莱美科技有限公司 Europe Type Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer The newest design vacuum emulsifying mixer is adopted Europe advance technology, efficient homogenization technology, ensure excellent core components.
TRI-K Industries, Inc. Fision® WrinkleFix ision® WrinkleFix is a smart anti-aging solution to address the ever-growing demand for multi-functional, innovative and scientifically proven products. 
Daebong LS Co., Ltd. Jeju Active Complex
Daebong LS Co., Ltd. Jeju N Basalt Volcanic Ash
Daebong LS Co., Ltd. Korean Floral Ginseng Extract
综研化学有限公司 MR-7GC
TRI-K Industries, Inc. NaturePep® Pea
郑州派和泰德医药科技有限公司 peptides
瑞士米百乐生化 MossCellTec No.1
瑞士米百乐生化 PhytocellTec Malus Domestica
GFC Life Science Co., Ltd PhytoG.Fer-kefir(H)
GFC Life Science Co., Ltd Realtox(H)
GFC Life Science Co., Ltd Re-Derfine(H)
奥源新材料科技有限公司 Silube J208-812CG
GFC Life Science Co., Ltd White sauer(C)
日油株式会社 WILBRIDE S-753D