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    New Product Showcase
    Booth Number   Company Name Product Name Product Description
    1C37 Ingredion incorporated   NATIVACARE™5600
    Natural Polymer
    INCI Name: ZEA MAYS (CORN) STARCH is a non-
    ionic, natural polymer derived from non-GM maize, which can be used to modify the rheology of cosmetic products, while improving skin feel properties. It serves a unique position being an alternative to traditional chemically-modified polymers allowing it to function like that of a
    chemically-modified ingredient but with a very clean label. NATIVACARE™ 5600 is a raw material approved by Ecocert in accordance with the COSMOS Natural standard. This unique ingredient can contribute towards a “natural” clean label positioning in
    applications such as skin care, hair care, and baby care.
    1C55 Angel Yeast Co., Ltd GenElastic Code GenElastic Code is purified lysate inside the yeast cell wall, including all kinds of polypeptides, amino acids, hydrolyzed RNA and other actives. There are a number of studies that have demonstrated the active functions of GenElastic Code to skin care, including restore cell’s DNA, strengthen cell’s vitality and accelerate collagen synthesis.
    1P47 SHANGHAI  TRULY  BIO-COSMETIC  CO.,  LTD Plants fresh essence Better than「Hydrolat」!
    Our Plants fresh essence with natural smell comes from the nutrients in the cell walls of fresh plants, without any synthetic additives during the production process.
    Plants fresh essence with smaller molecules which is easily absorbed by skin. High concentrated botanical active ingredients inside our Plants fresh essence that work together to enhance skin cell renewal. Using Plants fresh essence in place of water in your formulation helps your skincare products to be more active and effective.
    4C01 Nutri-Woods Bio-Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. PE Mate Phenoxyethanol is a preservative that is widely used in cosmetics, at a certain dosage, it causes burning and stinging sensations, especially for those who have sensitive skin.
    PE Mate is specially designed to combat the side effects of Phenoxyethanol.  It is formulated by drawing inspirations from the TCM concept, purified and strengthened through scientific extraction, to mitigate and neutralise the itching, burning, and tingling sensation of Phenoxyethanol.  PE Mate also enhances the preservative effect of Phynoxyethonal, allowing cosmetic manufacturers to further minimise the quantity used in their products.
    1L37 ID bio Osmocity® Osmo’city® is a new anti-pollution active ingredient issued from marshmallow that helps to answers the daily exposures gathered under the concept of the ‘exposome’.
    It creates a real botanical ‘glyco-cocoon’ for tissues and cells like thanks to its natural high content in polysaccharides. This invisible and enveloping film melts on the skin to limit the adhesion of polluting particles and to help their removal. 
    Come and discover this innovative active ingredient that helps to face the exposome and its skin consequences.
    1Q53 BioMax Si&F New Material CO., Ltd. Cosmethicone® SF-9339
    Silicone Moisturizer
    INCI:Caprylyl Dimethicone Ethoxy Glucoside

    Features: High content Glucoside grafted Silicone, showing excellent moisturizing effect, as well as soft smooth skin feel, perfectly fits for Moisturizing Cream, Essence Cream,Facial Mask, etc.
    Solabia Group Fucogel®, the S.M.A.R.T multifunctional reference FUCOGEL® is internationally used for its multifunctional S.M.A.R.T properties (Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti-aging, Restructuring, Touch). Its soothing effect is characterized by the reduction of the painful sensation of tingling and irritation from 5min. Its mode of action has been the subject of an exclusive study developed in collaboration with Pr. Misery, world reference in neurodermatology. Thus, FUCOGEL® inhibits the substance P release mediated by ASICs receptors. It is the first active on the market to act by this biological pathway, making it a neuro-calming cosmetic reference. A new preservative free form, FUCOGEL® POWDER, offers many options of formulation especially in make-up.
    1M51 Hallstar AvoBrite™ AvoBrite™ is cost effective, China-compliant solution for stabilizing Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Avobenzone), for safer high SPF (50+) and PA++++ performance. AvoBrite™ effectively quenches both the singlet and triplet excited states of Avobenzone molecules, eliminating the possible photodegradation reactions commonly occurring in these energy rich states. Returning these excited states of Avobenzone quickly to their ground states, where absorption of incoming UV photons becomes possible yet again, increases Avobenzone filtering efficiency. The end results are stronger and more long-lasting sun protection. Typical use level of AvoBrite is 5 – 6%.

    With AvoBrite™, sun care products can safely maximize the strong UV absorption powers of Avobenzone and enter lucrative new markets.

    By stabilizing the excited states of photoactive ingredients, AvoBrite™ was proven effective in protecting many photosensitive skincare active ingredients such as Phenylethyl Resorcinol and Resveratrol.
    1P15 SILVER-UN Polyglyceryl 10 Distearate Is a suitable for all kinds, lipophilic substances safe oil-in-water emulsifier. With emulsification, dispersion, stability, conditioning and viscosity control role. And also has green and safe, non-irritating to the skin, water-soluble and many other features. Polyglyceryl esters have found wide use in products such as skin care products, shampoos, lipsticks, hair creams, mousses and emulsified essences.
    Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology CO., LTD. TC-2135 Silicone Polyether Microemulsion Silicone polyether can disperse in water stably via microemulsion technique.It is a excellent conditioner for standard, sulfate-free and amino acid surfactant clear shampoos.
    1L29 Suzhou Nanohealth Biotech Co., Ltd. Nacare Cerasome III Our product is a kind of skin nutrient which be needed from 0-100 years old. The product can repair the sensitive skin in two weeks and moisturize skin deeply. We use high-purified phospholipids to encapsulate ceramide III to improve the skin penetration and the utilization of ceramide III. It is not easy to crystallize in the formulation and easy to use.
    4F24 Guangdong Runhua Chemistry Co.,Ltd. Sorbitan esters、Polysorbates We are a leading manufacturer of Sorbitan esters and Polysorbates in China, with ISO9001:2000, ISO22000:2005, Halal and Kosher approved. Our products can be used in daily chemical industry such as cream, perfume as well as flavor & fragrance and so on, with the function of emulsification,solubilization and stabilization.
    1F01 Hunan Silok Silicone Co., Ltd. Meadowfoam Seed Oil Modified Silicone Elastomer Natural oil modified siloxane and natural oil as carrier, cyclomethicone free, velvet soft smooth with powdery feel, no greasy, with good spread ability, matt and wrinkle covering, moisturizing. Provide excellent skin feel and good skin care property, with good formula compatibility, reduce viscosity of formula, lower dry feel for powder products and keep light fresh feel, make your skin more moisturizing and under longer protection.
    1K01 Symrise Shanghai Ltd. SMART SHOW During our smart show time, you will see various new design products, such as whitening capsule, double phase whitening serum, mesotherapy products, control release anti-acne gel, micellar water etc. All those innovative formulas and package types help improve final product stability, mildness and efficacy.
    1G43 Guangzhou Xufan Trade Co., Ltd SWIFTLET NEST EXTRACT Enhance skin resistance, increase fibroin proliferation and reduce fine lines.
    Gentl-A From chamomile / chamomile, repair of hormone-damaged skin.
    Anti inflammation, repair of regeneration (stimulating the formation of granulation and tissue)
    For details, please consult the Guangzhou Xufan marketing staff.More hair growth, anti-acne anti-inflammatory effect of raw materials, please look forward to.
    1J41 J.Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG Vivapur CS 400 Charcoal VIVAPUR© CS 400 Bamboo Charcoal Cellulose Spheres (INCI: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cellulose, Charcoal Powder) can be used for oral care, skin care, body care applications, such as toothpastes, shower gels, scrubs. Add VIVAPUR© CS 400 Charcoal into your formulation to generate pleasant massage/rolling effect and incredible cleaning effect with absorption of impurities.
    VIVAPUR© CS 400 Charcoal is made of renewable resources and completely biodegradable. Moreover, this product is entirely safe and edible. It is stable in the formulation, inert and insoluble in water, oil, organic solvents and there is no bleeding.
    VIVAPUR© CS 400 Bamboo Charcoal Cellulose spheres are available in different particle sizes. 
    1E01 Guangzhou CDLUNION Biotechnology Co.,Ltd FK Protect Plus  A patented and functional keratin from New Zealand Merina wool. 91% similarity with human skin. It can repair structural damage, resistance to UV, anti-pollution,reverse damage and freeze-frame youth. It has 91 patents and 77 patent applications worldwide.
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