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Booth NumberCompany NameProduct NameProduct Introduction
4E24Ichimaru Pharcos Co., LtdProteoglycan FProteoglycan  It  is  “glycoproteins  “;  which  is  composed  in  our  skin and  cartilage  and  has  moisturizing  and  skin  elasticity  function. Proteoglycan   is   noticed   important   skin   component a s    s a m e    a s    c o l l a g e n    a n d    h y a l u r o n i c    a c i d . Skin   elasticity   and   dullness   is   improved   by   taking Proteoglycan-F  and  it  is  confirmed  by  human  clinical  study. We developed Proteoglycan-F originated from Japanese salmon nasal cartilage; which has patent.
Phytoceramaide 系列PHYTOCERAMAIDE
It is “rice ceramide”.
Ceramide  is  the  most  abundant  component  of  lipid  consisting  of the  corneal  layer  of  epidermis,  plays  an  essential  role  in  moisture retention skin and protects the skin and the body from external stimuli by  keeping  the  normal  condition  of  the  skin  by  moisture  retention. We developed PHYTOCERAMAIDE originated from Japanese rice; which has patent.
AcneBuster FWe studied houttuynia cordata that has been eaten since ancient times and confirmed to have various medicinal effects and then developed "AcneBuster-F," houttuynia cordata extract containing quercitrin as an active ingredient. AcneBuster-F treats acne with its detoxification effect.
Biobenefity FBiobenefity-F  is  extract  powder  of  artichoke  prepared  by removing  almost  all  components  except  cynaropicrin.  The product  has  high  efficacy,  very  good  stability  and  safety. Biobenefity-F  inhibits  NF-κB  Hypertranscription  in  skin  and below  mentioned  prevention  of  photo-ageing  was  observed.
2K26Shandong Focusfreda Biotech Co.,LtdBOyO FRESH BREW COFFEE LIQUIDIts light notes series-BOyO fresh-brewed coffee liquid is based on the concept of hyaluronic acid and scientific innovation, the brand concept of creating a new nutrition brand for young people.
HA COLLAGEN TRIPEPTIDE ELASTIC PROTEIN DRINKWith the growth of age, the collagen and hyaluronic acid in the human body are being quietly lost, and all kinds of skin aging problems are constantly presented. Oral supplement of collagen and hyaluronic acid is a necessary option to resist aging. Multi-dimensional supplement of collagen peptide and full-link supplement of hyaluronic acid are the initial idea of collagen drink products.
2K26Shandong Focusfreda Biotech Co.,LtdHA COLLAGEN TRIPEPTIDE ELASTIC PROTEIN DRINKastaxanthin  and  residual  sweet  seeds,  and  other  photoprotective agents with super antioxidant capacity, to protect the skin from UVA and UVB at the molecular level, and prevent the skin from photoaging. At the same time, it can provide oxidative stress protection for the skin and protect the collagen loss caused by UV radiation.
5K13Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd.Collagen peptide sports drinkSports recovery collagen peptide drink, can help eliminate knee joint damage and fatigue caused by sports, and create 'Sports Beauty'.
Collagen peptide Happy Collagen SeriesHappycolla is a collagen peptide nutritional supplement that can bring moisture to the skin. Let's be happy and beautiful together.
Collagen peptide Collagenaid"Tasteless, odorless", and "sugar, fat" components are zero, you can easily supplement the daily collagen anytime, anywhere.
Pomegranate Juice Powder
VIQUA®  Royal  Rubis  pomegranate  juice  powder:powered by  ADS  Advanced   Delivery   System,   can   target   and reach   the   cell   mitochondria   to   deliver   polyphenols. The  unique  pomegranate  varieties,  the  advanced  ADS delivery  system,  and  the  effectiveness  of  clinical  verification, achieved  VI Q UA ,  all  in  one  s kin  managem ent  solut ion. P r ov en   ef f ic ac y   f or   a   v is ibly   s m oot her ,   s of t er &    m o r e    r a d i a n t    s k i n : 4    w e e k s , 2 5 0    m g / d . Proven effect of anti-uv damage:8 weeks treatment,250 mg/d.
OPTIMEALTH FOOD POPTIMALTH FOOD P is an postbiotics obtained through the patented fermentation technology platform. It contains inactivated lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites, of which nearly 300 active substances have  been  identified  with  their  molecular  structures,  natural  food sources, healthier. OPTIMALTH FOOD P has proved its remarkable efficacy  in  intestinal  flora  regulation,  weight  management,  IBS regulation, anti-acne, emotional health regulation, oral flora health regulation, etc.
Ginseng Root Powder
The  pure  vertical  hydroponic  ginseng  root  powder  with high  bioavailability,  high  proportion  of  rare  ginsenosides in   total   ginsenosides;   Stimulate   vitality,   eliminate f at igue,   and   im pr ov e   t he   adapt abilit y   of   t he   body. GOLDGIN originated in Europe, using sustainable vertical hydroponics planting  methods.The  full  spectrum  GOLDGIN  contains  10%  + bioavailable ginsenosides, among them, rare ginsenosides such as Rg3, Rg5, Rk1, with strong activity account for more than 80% of the total ginsenosides.
3H36Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.Gabarelax™ Gamma
-Aminobutyric Acid
Gamma  aminobutyric  acid  (GABA)  is  a  natural  active  non-protein amino acid. Our product has high safety, high purity and high stability, and  received  HALAL and  KOSHER  certificates.  Gabarelax™  can be used for dietary supplement with the benefits of improving sleep quality, improving memory, reducing muscle fatigue, also for healthy food with the benefits of relaxing, alleviating anxiety, anti-aging, muscle building etc..
UltraHA™ Sodium HyaluronateUltraHA™ is a food grade sodium hyaluronate raw material developed by Bloomage Biotech. It was officially approved as a Novel Food by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China on January 7, 2021, and can be widely used in functional food. The literature has proved that Sodium hyaluronate can play an active role in the skin, joints, gastrointestinal tract, eyes, and other human body tissue.

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