PCHi2021 New Technology Sessions

Date:March 24-25, 2021


Date:March 26, 2021


Venue:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall1/Hall9

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New Technology Sessions

A perennial crowd favorite, the New Technology Session offers both international and domestic exhibitors a public platform to share ground-breaking technologies behind some of the industry’s latest developments. It provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about industry innovations in a free-to-attend, open-concept presentation that is conveniently located in the heart of the exhibition hall.


TimeBooth NumberCompany NameSpeakerSpeech Topic
24 March 2021- Wednesday
9:30-10:302K10Shenzhen shine+ Biotechnology Co., LtdJiaHeng  ZhangSupramolecular technology will bring you to understand glycerin glucoside again
10:30-11:301G50Shenzhen Winkey Pharmaceutical R&D Co., Ltd.Fang LiHow to mobilize emotional consumption through emotional peptides & Scientific ingredients guide rational consumption
11:30-12:301H34Gattefosse ChinaAngel LiSoftness does not stop with nature - a new achievement of patented wax technology
® DOLCEA MB that is an innovative O/W emulsifier
13:00-14:001K44Nanjing Cosmos Chemical Co., Ltd.Dandan Tang Which UVA sunscreen agent is the best  in the view of formulators
14:00-15:001K116Symrise China Holding Co.,LtdKangfu ZhouSymEffect SunTM - Multi functional synergistic blend for 360° approach to achieve optimized sunscreen formulation

Neo Heliopan® Flat - UV absorber blend with broad spectrum protection, to ease the formulation development and manufacture process
15:00-16:001G07Ichimaru Pharcos Co., LtdMr. Hashimoto MasakazuTwo Natural Cosmetic Ingredients Launched.
"BURGEON-UP" is an epoch-making product focusing on R-spondin 1 (RSPO1) which has attracted attention in regenerative medicine. We introduce human clinical trial results and ex-vivo data using hair follicle organs.
Ms. Fujita YukikoTwo Natural Cosmetic Ingredients Launched.  Extracellular ATP is released from epidermal cells as the first signal of dermal thinning pathway. "SpringMint" suppressed production of eATP from early senescent epidermal cells.
16:00-17:002C16Angel Yeast Co.,ltd.Peng NingThe Application of Bio-zinc in Oil-control
Technical Manager 
 Application to cosmetics of cellulose nanofiber "RHEOCRYSTA C-2SP" with
unique rheology and texture.
10:30-11:301H134Cargill NV Jason ZhangNatural derived versatile emulsifier-StarDesignTM Power
11:30-12:301G109DSM Nutritional Product Asia PacificAmanda Zhang
DSM Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients
Regional Marketing Manager G. China
Swiss Synthetic Peptides Meet the anti-aging needs of Chinese consumers by ages
13:00-14:001J02Sensient Cosmetic TechnologiesKathy ZhaoGo natural with Sensient 
14:00-15:001K134Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co., LtdAlice KuangTwo in one synergistic emulsifier and sustainable cyclic silicone oil replacement solutions.
15:00-16:002B60 Momentive Performance Materials (Hong Kong) Ltd.Sheena XingCreative  products for building up  novel cosmetic textures
16:00-17:001A22Shanghai Reshy Industrial Co. LtdYangkai Duan Marine natural glucosylglycerol
9:30-10:301K02Guangzhou DX Chemical Co., LtdWang ChaoApplication of bio-peptides (DX peptides series) and high-yield suspension stabilizer DX-SF-2/DX-SF-4 in Cosmetics
10:30-11:302F15Jiangsu JLand Biotech Co., Ltd.Zhao JianfengApplication of recombinant collagen to the field of the daily chemistry 
11:30-12:302R19VITARGENT (INTERNATIONAL) BIOTECHNOLOGY LIMITEDChen xuepingApplication of Innovative Fish Embryo Biological Detection Technology in Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of Cosmetic Raw Materials
13:00-14:001B76GivaudanBonnie ZhangErasing pigmentation spots through SDF-1 communication regulation: the power of blue biotech
14:00-15:001G125Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Ltd.Fabienne BizerayProtect YOUR Skin, Save OUR Ocean
15:00-16:002F25SPEC-CHEM Industry INC.Doris WangSynergistic Effect of Bioactive Peptide and Phytochemistry on Targeted Skin Care 
16:00-17:001B26Ingredients PlusJanet ZhangA New Functional Mineral for Color Cosmetics & Skin Care
10:00-10:30HB02Macrocare Tech,.Ltd.Moosung Kim
R&D director of Macrocare

10:30-11:00HB03Daebong LS Co., Ltd.Younjung ChaMain Product & New Product of DAEBONG LS
11:00-11:30HB07Topy Industries, LimitedArato Iwasawa, Assistant managerIntroduction of Topy Industries' synthetic mica that is used by cosmetics companies all over the world.
11:30-12:001A136-packagingEPL(Guangzhou)LimitedJeson LaiPlatina——recyclable laminated tube original come from EPL
13:00-14:001C60Vitamin C60 Bioresearch CorpGentaro Hayashi
Sara shi
World’s only natural-derived fullerene for Sustainable and Clean Beauty concepts
14:00-15:001D78NOF CorporationShoko Ichikawa
Position: Expert R&D Scientist 
Brand new water-soluble emollient that remains on the skin after rinsing
15:00-15:30HB08DAICELKuga YasumasaGoing natural:Partnaerships in sustainable Glycol
Damien Perriman
15:30-16:00HB04ZIKO LtdYoung Choi
Oil Gelling Agent
Natural Solubilizer
16:00-17:001G07bitop AGAnnika LeschnerProtection and anti-aging: 
the multifunctional active ingredient Ectoin® natural and its benefits for the skin
10:30-11:302B26Hunan Shineway Enterprise Co., Ltd.Victor CaoSoothing and anti-inflammatory study and application of natural plant active ingredients such as rosemary and oat
25 March 2021- Thursday
9:30-10:301K06Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.Li HaiJunFocusing on sensitive skin---The small molecule substance combining Freda's moisturizing heritage and technological innovation: Ectoin.
10:30-11:301H126BASF (China)Co.LtdBenChuan Zhu
 Scientist, Development and Innovation, Personal Care Asia Pacific
From nature to natural biotech: BioToLife, an ingredient to balance the micro-wellness on skin, scalp and oral care applications
11:30-12:301Q12SHENZEHN SIYOMICRO BIO-TECH Co., LtdDONG LIANGSecrets from the deep sea-Development and application of the 5th generation heat-resistant SOD
14:00-15:001B22Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., LtdYessica Zhang
 Technical Manager
Wacker New Product BELSIL® DADM 3050 E Introduction and Color Protection Solution in Hair Care;
Innovative applications in Color formulations
15:00-16:001G109DSM Nutritional Product Asia PacificEve Chen
DSM Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients
Regional Technical Manager G.China 
Skin Microbiome: From marketing concept to technology application
16:00-17:001G32CRODA Dr. Michael Zhang
Lead Applications Scientist
Five-dimetional Sun Care Protections
9:30-10:301E134Shanghai Oli Enterprises Co., LtdPark ZhangKnowledge and thininking for the use of cell phospholipid in cosmetics
Mario ChengApplication of cell phospholipid in cosmetic formula
10:30-11:301B71SAPPI BiotechLixian XuNanocellulose: a next generation biomaterial for personal care and home care formulations
11:30-12:301D14SOLVAYBarry ZhangDiscover our new naturally-based
13:00-14:001B93LANXESS Chemical (China) Co., LtdJiming Yan
Sales Manager, China
Balanced protection: Antimicrobial control in a challenging environment
14:00-15:001D20Jiangsu RuitingZhen KangApplication of morden fermentation in cosmetics
YANG ChengCosmetics bioactivity delievery syetem and their function evaluation
15:00-16:001E128GUANGZHOU  RUIYU CHEMICAL  TECHNOLOGY  CO., LTD华沈智仁Long-lasting conditioning factors in both retention and wash-off formulations
16:00-17:001E128Clariant Chemicals (China) LtdAlice YangRetro-Future From traditional sources to advanced actives
9:30-10:301C20Elkem Silicones Cassie Zhao
Techncial service manager 
Sustainable and long lasting solution from ELKEM SILICONES 
10:30-11:301H110Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Susie JinAlgaPūr™HSHO Algae Oil, A stable and luxurious liquid bio-based oil,  created by the transformative powers of microalgae. 
Siron Xia
11:30-12:301E38COMPLIFE (Beijing) Testing Technology Co., LtdRong TANGEthnic cosmetics: differences between Caucasian and Asian skin 
13:00-14:001D32SOHO ANECO Chemicals co., LimitedMiya YoungA new generation vitamin A derivative HPR; Super antioxidant Ergothioneine; Glucosylrutin, a natural active ingredient against UV/blue light and protecting astaxanthin; Free radical scavenger Pyranol
14:00-15:002D21SILVER-UN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.To chi-wanRapid detection of POLYGLYCEROL ESTER and repair of skin barrier
15:00-16:001H110Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Jiang XiaApplication of Schercemol™ CATC CN & Oilkemia™ 5S CC for skin, sun and color cosmetic systems with enchanting textures
16:00-17:001E38ROELMI ASIA PACIFICTsai Cheng Wen
26 March 2021- Friday
9:30-10:301G07LIPOTRUE  Mikel GorostiagaBiohacking chronic bad sleep

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