PCHi2023 New Technology Sessions

Date:February 15-17, 2023


Date:February 26, 2023


Venue:China Import and Export Fair Complex Area A Hall 1.1/2.1/5.1

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New Technology Sessions

A perennial crowd favorite, the New Technology Session offers both international and domestic exhibitors a public platform to share ground-breaking technologies behind some of the industry’s latest developments. It provides attendees with the opportunity to learn about industry innovations in a free-to-attend, open-concept presentation that is conveniently located in the heart of the exhibition hall.


New Technology Session
TimeBooth NumberCompany NameSpeaker
Speaker Profile
Speech Topic
15 Feburary 2023- Wednesday
9:30-10:305I36Givaudan Active BeautyBonnie ZhangGravityl™  -  Zero-G  facial  lifting  & reshaping
10:30-11:304D35Shandong Baifu Freda Pharmaceutical Co., LtdXiaojun LeeHyalacto?-EGT         Going  deep  into
the  energy  source  of  oxidation  resist, tenergizing and activating your skin
11:30-12:301G46SIYOMICROHuang XiaofenSynthetic Biology Technology Promotes the Source Innovation of Natural Efficacy Skin Care
13:00-14:001A51WACKER  CHEMICALSWenjia LyuMake Your Skin Moisturized and Bouncy
-Multiple  Effects  and Applications  of Wacker  New  Silicone  Elastomers  and Silicon Emulsifiers
14:00-15:004H19Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Sampson HuangThe  sustainable  silicone  alternative that feels sooo soft - SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient
Siron XiaThe  sustainable  silicone  alternative that feels sooo soft - SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient
15:00-16:004B71Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co.Ltd.Chris YangSpecially invited guestBioCell×Trautec  Recombine  collagen, open  a  new  future  for  cosmetics  by science
16:00-17:005I16Vitamin C60 BioResearch CorporationGentaro Hayashi , Sara shiNatural-derived anti-oxidant ingredient - Fullerene
9:30-10:303D35Symrise Shanghai Ltd. (China)Rex LaoStudy on the Mechanism of Protease- Activated Receptor-2 (PAR-2) Pathway in Sensitive Skin Nerve Sensation and Pruritus  Regulation  and  Symrise’s Strategies
10:30-11:302A35Provital, S.A.SHU YADecoding Provital Skin Technology
11:30-12:305K01RoelmiCharles DiaoEquiBiotics®   LRh is a probiotic-derived that favors the skin's natural defenses and  a  balanced  skin  microbiota, counteracting  the  damage  caused  by aggressive multifactorial agents.
13:00-14:005K01COMPLIFE (Beijing) Testing Technology Co., LtdXiaoyan YuImpact  of  the  exposome  on  the  skin health. New findings for new cosmetic testing methods
14:00-15:002D59Jojoba Desert (A.C.S.), Ltd.hongzhuwhy is it jojoba oil?
15:00-16:003D01CLARIANT CHEMICALS TECHONOLOGY (SHANGHAI) LTD.Alice yangActivate skin defense and environmental resilience with inspiration from nature
16:00-17:005H65ElementisCatherine PiaoMineral-based  SPF  Booster  for  Sun Care Products
9:30-10:302J75Youwe (Zhuhai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.Susan HePrecise  Absorption  and  Efficacy  of raw  materials  --  How  does  dissolving microneedle  technology  promote scientific skin care?
10:30-11:301A35Shanghai Oli Enterprises Co., LtdDr. Zhang WeiyangCellpolypid®  -- Introduction to biomimetic delivery  systems  for  functional  active substances
11:30-12:305L52Biosolution Co., Ltd.Oh-Seong ParkAnalysis  of  wound  healing  and  tissue regeneration effects of PDRN isolated from panax ginseng cultured root
13:00-14:002K66Guangzhou Congen Pharmatec Co.,Ltd.Zheng QingquanEMPHASES™ polypeptide technology and innovative raw material
14:00-15:004E+12Shanghai Hope-Tec Biotechnology Inc.LIU XINGBye-byedark eye circles——HTcare_ GNP80
15:00-16:001G14Cargill Investments (China) Ltd.Jason ZhangWat erless  &  Low  wat er  cont ent formulations
16:00-17:005I59Elkem SiliconesCassie ZHAOCircular Beauty
16 Feburary 2023- Thursday
9:30-10:302H01Cosfa International Trading(Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.Lisa LIApplication  Technology  of  D-phase Emulsification  and  the Application  of Encapsulation Technology of Lipidure ® NR, a High Performance Polymer with Biomimetic Cell Membrane Structure
10:30-11:304E+24LipotureShenmo Lu (Penny)Telessence, unveiling the ultimate range of actives for a complete wellbeing
11:30-12:304E+24bitopRene SchmitzMeeting  future  consumer  trends  with multifunctional bioactives
13:00-14:005K39SEQENSNeal ChenG orillas’  self -medication  use  of Aframomum melegueta seeds inspired the development of an anti-inflammatory active reducing TEWL, vascularization and making the skin less reactive, more uniform with l
15:00-16:001G36DowJudy ZhuDow  "Perfect  Me"  Formulations  Kit  & New Technologies Sharing
16:00-17:001G66SPEC-CHEM Industry INC.Alice WangGreen Biosurfactant——SpecBio® SL
9:30-10:304H19ZealWang KaiAnti-aging  actives  market  trend  and technical interpretion on Top products
10:30-11:304H19Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Dr. Sharon QuEnjoy the best version of yourself - no "blind anti-aging"
Susie JinHigh SPF, Light Sensory, Easty to Get Your Sun Care
11:30-12:304B71Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co.Ltd.Monica WangJay WangBioCell×SEESEA    A new idea for skin repair:  the  efficacy  and  mechanism  of fibronectin
13:00-14:001B39SILVER-UN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.CAI ChangjianThe practical application technology of glyceride in makeup
14:00-15:004B71Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co.Ltd.Monica Wang, Specially invited guestBioCell×Shine+  Development Strategy of Innovative Cosmetic Raw Materials  Based  on  Molecular  Self
assembly Technology
15:00-16:004E+24Ichimaru Pharcos Co.,LtdDr. Sakamoto KotaroTwo  Natural  Cosmetic  Ingredients ware launched.
16:00-17:002A25Croda China Trading Co.,Ltd.Echo HuNew generation of flake micron zinc oxide for sunscreen
9:30-10:305L46The Garden of Naturalsolution Co.,LtdJoonseok ChaIntroduction  of  the  New  Products  for 2023
10:30-11:302L52Guangzhou DX Chemical Co., LtdRao ShuliangApplication  of  High Yield  Value  Liquid Carbomer (DX-UE-10) in Personal Care Products
11:30-12:305A60SHANGHAI YG INGREDIENTS CO ., LTDJasonTargeting   mitochondria   and nucleus,Long-acting  and  Natural antioxidation--Ergothioneine
13:00-14:003D76Vitargent (International) Biotechnology LimitedDr. Xueping ChenInnovative  technology  and  biological big  data  are  combined  to  create  the powerful products from the source
14:00-15:002L20Wuhan CASOV Green Biotech Co.,Ltd.Eric XiaoThe  Code  of  Precise  Skin  Care  -- High  efficacy  ingredients  and  carrier technology to promote penetration
15:00-16:005K40Eurofins Consumer Product Testing (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd.Ying LyuDifferences  of  Face  Wrinkles  in Age Groups Among Chinese Women
16:00-17:005K18Hallstar BeautyEmily TongOlivem®  2090G:  W/O  Natural  Olive
Emulsifier for Ultimate Skin Feel
17 Feburary 2023- Friday
9:30-10:305K18Hallstar BeautyByron ZhangSolapure® Glo: Natural Sun Protection Solutions
10:30-11:304H36Nanjing Cosmos Chemical Co., Ltd.Dandan TangSunobel NT-15TV--Safe and multi-effect
inorganic sunscreen agent
9:30-10:305L67Registrar CorpTracy TengUS Food & Drug Administration(FDA)'s New Regulation for Cosmetic
10:30-11:305K40Eurofins Product Testing Service (Shanghai) Co., LtdYohanna YuanDiscussion on the Methods of Cosmetic
Efficacy Testing

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