PCHi2021 New Product Showcase

Date:March 24-25, 2021


Date:March 26, 2021


地点:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall1

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As testament to its global standing, PCHi remains as the choice platform for exhibitors to introduce their latest offerings to the market. Participating companies have submitted products that will be launched at PCHi 2020 — including a bio-derived hair fixative polymer, a water-soluble wax for increased moisture retention, and a natural extract which promotes hair growth. The New Product Showcase also gathers of some of these novel products in one convenient location — enabling visitors to easily discover the latest and best innovations that the industry has to offer.


New Product Showcase
Booth Number展示柜类型公司名产品名称产品简介
1H74NPS A-带体验Hunan Silok Silicone Co., Ltd.Film-forming Silicone Elastomer GelSiCare®9960 is a silicone elastomer gel composed of a high molecular weight polyethylene glycol modified silicone crosspolymer and Polymethylsilsesquioxane dispersed in a low viscosity non-volatile straight chain polydimethylsiloxane.
With unique excellent adhesion properties, it can provide instant color-fixing effect, resistant to migration without greasy feel and "dried" feel, and can endow products with velvet feel and matt misty effect.
In addition, it can not only help emulsify, but also increase the viscosity of the formula, improve the overall stability of the formula in multiple ways, and optimize the skin feel of the formula.
2F49NPS A-带体验NIKKO CHEMICALS SHANGHAI CORPORATIONAUROVISCO™ CSAUROVISCO™ CS is a next-generation cellulose-derived thickener that address issues with plant-derived thickeners by marrying high thickening ability, electrolyte stability, emulsification property, interesting thixotropy and a fresh watery texture.
With its proprietary fibrillating process, ultra-fine cellulose fiber in water creates a fine, dense “network” that can trap oily materials allowing interesting concepts such as oil-droplet macroemulsions or “emulsifier-free” emulsions.  The end products have high viscosity with high transparency & a fresh water-feel for manufactures and consumers alike.
AUROVISCOTM CS is derived from renewable biomass (wood pulp), making this a sustainable cosmetic ingredient.
1K06NPS A-带体验Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.EctoinEctoin, is an Cyclic amino acid derivate developed by Freda’s fermentation technology. As an important substance for extremophiles to survive in extreme environments, ectoin can promote the association of water molecular clusters and form hydration layer around DNA and proteins, so as to protect macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids) and cell membranes inside microbes from damage caused by ULTRAVIOLET light, high temperature and high salt etc. Ectoin has remarkable protective and repairing efficacy,  and can be widely used in various personal care products.
2K26NPS B-无体验GUANGZHOU JIZHOU TRADING CO.,LTDELLAGIC ACID Natural Whitening enzymes 911As a skin medicine that has been recognized, natural polyphenols antioxiant factor can be use to whiten and fade spots gentlely.As a skin medicine that has been recognized, natural polyphenols antioxiant factor can be use to whiten and fade spots gentlely.
2D21NPS A-带体验SILVER-UN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.POLYGLYCEROL-10 isostearateDisperse color powder, refine crystallization, reduce shrinkage, improve skin feeling, daub feeling, improve paste toughness
1G109NPS A-带体验DSM Nutritional Products Ltd.ALPAFLOR® ALP-SEBUM CBDSM ALPAFLOR® ALP-SEBUM CB is a 100% natural, pure, and microbiome friendly organic bioactive, which is extracted from alpine plants growing in the Alps at an altitude of 2500 meters. The product can be used as an organic prebiotic, which can reduce sebum to improve skin gloss and bring lasting visual oil control effect.
1E120NPS B-无体验Suzhou Nanohealth Biotech Co., Ltd.NACARE Retinol NanoemulsionNanohealth uses nano-encapsulation technology to wrap retinol, avoiding its direct contact with light, oxygen and other sensitive sources, which greatly improves stability and reduces irritation.

After being wrapped, the retinol is possessed of a long-acting and controlled-release effect, which improves the bioavailability, makes it easier to be absorbed, gently protects the skin, smoothes the skin, restores the luster and elasticity of the skin, and reduces wrinkle.
1G125NPS A-带体验Dow Chemical (China) Investment Company Ltd.SunSpheresTM BIO SPF BoosterDow SunSpheresTM BIO SPF Booster solves this challenge. SunSpheres™ BIO SPF Booster (INCI:Microcrystalline cellulose) is a bio-based and readily biodegradable SPF booster that enables greater SPF efficiency in sun care and daily wear SPF products. 
1K134NPS B-无体验Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology CO., LTD.TC-MAGIC 3018INCI: DISTEARDIMONIUM HECTORITE(and)PEG-10 DIMETHICONE(and)CYCLOPENTASILOXANE Tinci W/Si(O) emulsifier series, developed for a variety of skin care and hair care products, is highly compatible with all kinds of cosmetic oils*, stable with pleasant sensory feel. The new launch TC-MAGIC 3018 is an easy-handling emulsifier applying a "sandwich-like" network structure which strengthens both stability and viscosity of foundations, meanwhile it is refreshing and time-saving.
1H126NPS B-无体验BASF (China) Co., Ltd.Inolixir™  Sourced from wild birch mushroom extracts from the birch forests of northern Canada, it has higher antioxidant properties than VC. It is extracted with environmentally friendly and pure subcritical water, resulting in higher polyphenol content and superior anti-inflammatory effects. It can effectively repair the skin microvascular system, strengthen the skin barrier function, inhibit inflammation, and effectively improve redness and sensitive skin, while having the effect of reducing dark circle
1K44NPS A-带体验Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation LimitedBiobloom™ Microecobeauty ME-1Biobloom™ Microecobeauty ME series products are probiotic bioactive substances with significant skincare efficacy developed based on the probiotic fermentation platform of Bloomage Biotech. ME-1 is a fermentation lysate rich in intracellular and extracellular metabolites and active components of Lactobacillus rhamnosus isolated by Bloomage Biotech. The results showed that ME-1 could significantly inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria, enhance beneficial bacteria to improve skin microecology; at the same time, ME-1 could significantly up-regulate the expression of skin immune related genes, improve the activity of immune cells and improve skin immune function.
1J44NPS A-带体验Nutri-Woods Holdings CorporationIrriBate-SAAIrriBate-SAA is a high performance functional plant-based powder that can prevent skin irritation caused by surfactant. The active components of the two plants, Peach gum and cactus, are recognised by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has synergistic anti-irritating effect, they are selected to create IrriBate-SAA. IrriBate-SAA can prevent irritation caused by a variety of surfactants commonly available on the market and relieve the dry and uncomfortable feelings of the skin after using washing products.
2G15NPS A-带体验Azelis (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.LACTOBIOThe product comes from Azelis supplier Novacham.Skin microecological ingredients, natural prebiotics LACTOBIO - moisture, nutrition, defense.
Plant-derived inulin and hydrolyzed yoghurts work together to enhance the growth of beneficial bacterial (Micrococcus roseus and Staphylococcus epidermidis) in the skin and the scalp,  protect the skin and scalp barrier.
Give you healthy and perfect skin and hair. 
WS SA50The product comes from Azelis supplier TAGRA.TAGRA adopted WS innovative technology to improve the water solubility of salicylic acid to 5g/100ml.
Can be used in the transparent formula, room temperature stirring can be completely dissolved into a transparent solution, no need to add solvent and alcohol, still maintain a weak acidic pH, without crystallization risk, stable and effective.
1J02NPS B-无体验Sensient Technologies Corp.(China) LimitedNatpure Sol CrystalNatpure Sol Crystal is a 91% natural-origin highly effective solubilizer, based on perfect synergy of natural plant-derived Caprylyl/ Capryl Glucoside, Triethyl Citrate and Diisopropyl Adipate. Safe and mild, easily biodegradable and non-ecotoxic. It has low viscosity, easy to use, and gives non-sticky skin feel. HLB value:12.6, CMC: 0.15%. A transparent and stable microemulsion system can be achieved at low dosage, which is cost-effective. Suitable for cosmetics with little or no ethanol content, perfume and natural cleansing products.
2F15NPS A-带体验Jiangsu JLand Biotech Co.,LtdBiollagen®CollagenBiollagen®Collagen
- Non-animal derived Vegan collagen
- Fermented from yeast
- Highly consistent with human collagen
- 100% pure
- Great efficacy at anti-ageing/ anti-wrinkle
2C16NPS A-带体验Angel Yeast Co.,Ltd.Yeast Essence Z20Based on biological zinc patent technology, Yeast Essence Z20 is rich in the necessary biological zinc for skin metabolism. Zinc is combined with amino acids, peptides and other highly active small molecules. It reduces the specific skin irritation of inorganic zinc and is more suitable for the application of skin care products. Z20 not only has the functions of yeast extract, but also has the functions of anti-inflammatory, anti acne, oil control, reducing dandruff and other beneficial skin.
1H100NPS A-带体验Guangzhou Xufan Trade Co.,LTDPolybiotin-II:Multiple active compounds, strong combinationsSerum Albumin, patent ingredients, high-standard zero-fouling drug carriers, improve the activity and stability of polysaccharides, skin factors and other active substances, skin nutrients;
Cyanotis Arachnoidea Root Extract,promote skin metabolism, protein synthesis and growth factor expression;
Plant Compound Extract, instead of ZPT,Pluralistic
  dandruff removing  raw material.
1G32NPS B-无体验CRODAInfraveil™ IT-100Infraveil™ IT-100 is the latest star of Croda's metal oxides family, which can instantly establish a physical barrier to effectively protect the skin from near-infrared light (IRA). Relying on years of in-depth research and patented process technology, Croda’s Solar Protection Family Solaveil™, Optisol™ and Infraveil™ can now provide multi-dimensional inorganic protection covering UVA, UVB, blue light (HEV), near-infrared (IR), and even gaseous pollutants, inspiring unlimited formulation ideas.
1C101NPS A-带体验The Hallstar Company Olivem® 2090GOlivem® 2090 is a naturally-derived cold process water-in-oil emulsifier, offering exceptional emulsifying performance combined with excellent sensorial benefits for multiple applications.

Water-in-oil emulsions are widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries but can be difficult to obtain and to stabilize. In addition, beauty customers strongly request finished products with a light sensorial profile. Because of its innovative chemical structure based on the combination of polyglycerol esters of olive oil fatty acids and polyricinoleic acid, Olivem
® 2090 represents the perfect solution to this challenge. It creates a homogeneous layer that surrounds water droplets, providing the emulsion with high stability.

® 2090:
• confers excellent spreadability, softness and silky after-feel compared to more traditional emulsifiers used in equal percentages
• allows a reduction in the quantity of oil necessary to obtain a good dispersion of powders
• boasts high compatibility with vegetable oils, as well as mineral oils and esters
• performs well with texturizers such as volatile oils, silicones and EtOH
• improves the wettability of inorganic filters (TiO2 and ZnO)
• perfectly emulsifies all organic sun filters for a superb sensoriality
• can be used in all cosmetic applications (e.g., skin care, baby care, hair care, sun care, make-up and toiletries) to produce top-notch sensoriality
1B76NPS B-无体验Givaudan Active BeautySynchronight™Our body and skin regenerate during night time. These rejuvenation cycles are controlled by several factors, a critical one being melatonin, the “sleep hormone”.  Not only produced by brain, but also by skin cells, melatonin acts as a powerful antioxidant and activates cellular protection. However, daily digital exposure disrupts skin melatonin production, leading to premature skin ageing and disturbing sleep-related functions.

Synchronight™ is an innovative Gardenia fruits fraction with clinically proven benefits.

• protects skin’s melatonin production cycle
• behaves as a vegetal melatonin-like compound when activated by the skin microflora
• rejuvenates the skin & improves sleep quality
1B76NPS B-无体验Givaudan Active BeautyNew Red 1805New Red 1805 is a new high performance natural pigment extracted from a red radish originating from Asia. This vegan-compliant ingredient has been designed for natural makeup designers and especially for lipsticks creators looking for high content of natural-origin ingredients without compromising performance on shade, intensity and stability. It offers a perfect sustainable alternative to synthetic red pigments, while creating new possibilities to answer the growing trend for healthier and cleaner beauty.
New Red 1805:
- makes lips fierily and naturally beautiful
- brings antioxidant lips care benefits
- performs better than existing natural or synthetic benchmarks.
1N23NPS B-无体验Guangdong Runhua Chemistry Co., Ltd.Sorbitan esters、PolysorbatesWe are a leading manufacturer of Sorbitan esters and Polysorbates in China, with ISO9001:2000, ISO22000:2005, Halal and Kosher approved. Our products can be used in daily chemical industry such as cream, perfume as well as flavor & fragrance and so on, with the function of emulsification,solubilization and stabilization.
1E60NPS B-无体验Provital, S.ASenseryn™


Senseryn™-Back to calm through your senses, anti-sensitive solution

Orchistem™- tackles the signs of ageing, to lift and firm skin, fight
wrinkles, and give back a glowing radiance

1C20NPS B-无体验Elkem siliconesPURESIL TFL5, PURESIL TFL30 (fluoro silicones)PURESILTM TFL-5 and PURESILTM TFL-30 silicone emollients are low viscosity fluoro modified silicone in PURESIL TFL series.  They feature low surface tension, oleophobicity, hydrophobicity, and distinctive tactile characteristics.  These products readily spread over skin and hair; this fast and high spreading creates an effortless rub out and play time with light feel to the touch.  Giving these inherent properties, PURESIL™ TFL-5 and PURESIL™ TFL-30 are key ingredients to enable wear ability against sweat and sebum which are essential for color cosmetics, sun care, moisturizers and hair styling for active indoor and outdoor lifestyle.
Puresil TFL series offers two choices of trifluoro silicones which enable formulation optimizations to achieve product performance that closely fits your ideal product profiles.
1G43NPS A-带体验Doosan Solus Co., Ltd.DS-CERAMIDE AP(Ceramide 6II)DS-CERAMIDE AP(CERAMIDE6) is one of the purist ceramides containing stereochemical structure identical those found in the human skin. Ceramide is widely known as a functional ingredient for cosmetics. Not only does it reinforce the natural lipid barrier of dry and aging skin but it also shows an outstanding ability to maintain the moisture balance of skin. Fill your skin with a variety of Doosan ceramides.
1H60NPS A-带体验Guangzhou CDLunion Biotechnology Co.,Ltd / Shanghai CDLunion  Chemistry Co.,LtdPellicer™  L-30A. Gemini amphiphile molecule,ceramide-like structure,repairs skin damage, penetrates and swells the lean cortex cells of damaged hair and repairs the damaged hair
B.  CMC of Pellicer is approximately  0.01wt%  as solid content,excellent emulsifying property,disperses hydrophobic particles well in the water,reduces skin irritation of other surfactants
C.  Long term water retention ability similar to hyaluronic acid 
2F43NPS A-带体验Shanghai JAKA Biotech Co.,LTD.Hairdian® APHairdian® AP is a natural plant material developed for hair loss. The bioactive ingredients are extracted from Latycladus orientalis, Zingiber officinale, Trifolium pratense and Artemisia argyi using two innovative techniques named ultrasonic-assisted semi bionic extraction and thermal infiltration integrated extraction. It focuses on the regulation of hair follicle cycle and could effectively reduce hair loss via promoting autophagy of dermal papilla cells (DPCs) and up-regulating the expression of some cell growth factors.
1E134NPS A-带体验SHANGHAI OLI ENTERPRICES CO., LTD Cell Phospholipid Oil SolutionOLI-8200 cell phospholipid oil solution is a new product launched by Oli. Due to the bionic structure of human cell membrane phospholipid, OLI-8200 has excellent biocompatibility, moisturizing and water-blocking ability, as well as skin-friendly improvement ability, which satisfy the huge market demand for functional oil-soluble products.
Product Features:
1. Excellent moisturizing and water-blocking ability
2. Excellent biological safety
3. Good shielding skin irritation ability
4. Water-resistant molecular nail effect
5. Excellent improvements of the skin feel of oily products
6. Application: lotion, cream, essence oil and other skin care products; hair care essential oils and other hair care products; Lipstick, foundation and other beauty products.
1D56NPS A-带体验KCI LimitedBTAC PF4060KCIPA-free cationic surfactant, Ceteary alcohol applied as solvent
-. Conditioning agent for leave-on and rinse-off hair conditioners
-. Easy to apply to various formulations recommended dosage 0.5 to 5%
-. Good antistatic effect and softening effect
-. Superior lubrication from long C22 alkyl chain
-. Safe & Relievable in high temperature storage
-. Steady Active Contents in long-term storage
-. Irritation-free in workplaces when manufacturing finished products
-. No order of IPA & No irritation at scalp
-. Enable you to remove IPA from ingredient list in hair conditioners & treatments
1G01NPS A-带体验Natura-TecNatura-Tec Marine OceanMist CLA sustainable and renewable liposoluble marine active to repair and re-balance sensitive skin.
Based on the Nannochloropsis Oceanica microalgae species, which is very rich in phytocholesterol and omega 3, Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL is the ideal solution for atopic and sensitive skin.
Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL is the result of extensive research by our Biotechnology centre and is produced using our patented closed-circuit low carbon footprint photobioreactor technology which ensures consistent quality and purity combined with environmental compliance and minimal carbon footprint.
Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL rebalances and nourishes the microbiota of the skin, and thus enhances skin defensive barrier and immunity to contribute to healthier skin.
1K116NPS B-无体验Symrise China Holding Co.,LtdNeo Heliopan® FlatNeo Heliopan® Flat is an innovative blend liquid with both UVA and UVB absorbers. It can deliver a relatively flat uniform absorbance in the range of 300 to 360nm, as a broad spectrum protection for sunscreen formula. Manufacturing process will be tremendously simplified by using Neo Heliopan® Flat to replace individual UVA&UVB filters. The liquid format is easy to handle and dosing, and diversity of raw materials stock will be minimized as well,  achieving significant cost-saving for our customers.
1H34NPS A-带体验Gattefossé ChinaEmulium® Dolcea MBEmulium® Dolcea MB is an all-in-one O/W emulsifier & stabilizer that makes natural and biodegradable formulation easy. Its superb efficacy alongside natural polysaccharides means robust, stable emulsions.
Its composition of lipophilic, amphiphilic and hydrophilic molecules is combined in a hydrated lipid pellet that can be added to the oil or water phases. It deploys rapidly  throughout the emulsion and at the interface.
Obtained by the co-reaction of jojoba and sunflower esters, it brings immediate and long-lasting moisturizing properties and a unique skin feel characterised by extreme softness.
• Robust vegan emulsifier & stabilizer
• High moisturization
• Strong sensory signature
2J11NPS A-带体验Ingredi Biotech Co., Ltd.BLETILLA STRIATA EXTRACTUtilizing green extraction methods, Militarine and polysaccharides are prepared from cultivated bletilla striata,a medicinal herb traditionally utilized to heal wounds and ulcer. The efficacy tests results showed that Militarine can inhibit IL-6 and TNF-α,Polysaccharides possess moisturizing, hemostasis and repairing effects. It is recommended to use in oral hygiene products or skin barrier repairing products.

The patent application has been submitted to China National Intellectual Property Administration.
2K10NPS A-带体验Shenzhen Shine+ Biotechnology Co., LtdNatureSuperM 2-αGGNatureSuperM 2-αGG glyceroside of SHINE+ Group
Using supramolecular enzyme catalysis technology and following the process requirements of Green-Chemistry, the purity of 2-αGG (natural configuration) in the product is more than 75%, and the content is more than 55%. There is no glycerin and sugar residue. It has the functions of moisturizing, antioxidation and increasing skin elasticity, which conforms to the "Clean-Beauty" and "Creating the Beauty of Science".