PCHi2021 New Product Showcase

Date:March 24-25, 2021


Date:March 26, 2021


地点:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Hall1

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As testament to its global standing, PCHi remains as the choice platform for exhibitors to introduce their latest offerings to the market. Participating companies have submitted products that will be launched at PCHi 2020 — including a bio-derived hair fixative polymer, a water-soluble wax for increased moisture retention, and a natural extract which promotes hair growth. The New Product Showcase also gathers of some of these novel products in one convenient location — enabling visitors to easily discover the latest and best innovations that the industry has to offer.


Company Name
Booth No.Product NamePictureDescription
Hunan Silok Silicone Co., Ltd.1H74Film-forming Silicone Elastomer Gel

SiCare®9960 is a silicone elastomer gel composed of a high molecular weight polyethylene glycol modified silicone crosspolymer and Polymethylsilsesquioxane dispersed in a low viscosity non-volatile straight chain polydimethylsiloxane. 

With unique excellent adhesion properties, it can provide instant color-fixing effect, resistant to migration without greasy feel and "dried" feel, and can endow products with velvet feel and matt misty effect. 

In addition, it can not only help emulsify, but also increase the viscosity of the formula, improve the overall stability of the formula in multiple ways, and optimize the skin feel of the formula.

Shandong Freda Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.1K06EctoinEctoin, is an Cyclic amino acid derivate developed by Freda’s fermentation technology. As an important substance for extremophiles to survive in extreme environments, ectoin can promote the association of water molecular clusters and form hydration layer around DNA and proteins, so as to protect macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids) and cell membranes inside microbes from damage caused by ULTRAVIOLET light, high temperature and high salt etc. Ectoin has remarkable protective and repairing efficacy,  and can be widely used in various personal care products.
Suzhou Nanohealth Biotech Co., Ltd.1E120NACARE Retinol Nanoemulsion

Nanohealth uses nano-encapsulation technology to wrap retinol, avoiding its direct contact with light, oxygen and other sensitive sources, which greatly improves stability and reduces irritation.

After being wrapped, the retinol is possessed of a long-acting and controlled-release effect, which improves the bioavailability, makes it easier to be absorbed, gently protects the skin, smoothes the skin, restores the luster and elasticity of the skin, and reduces wrinkle.

BASF (China) Co., Ltd.1H126Inolixir™  Sourced from wild birch mushroom extracts from the birch forests of northern Canada, it has higher antioxidant properties than VC. It is extracted with environmentally friendly and pure subcritical water, resulting in higher polyphenol content and superior anti-inflammatory effects. It can effectively repair the skin microvascular system, strengthen the skin barrier function, inhibit inflammation, and effectively improve redness and sensitive skin, while having the effect of reducing dark circle
Nutri-Woods Holdings Corporation1J44Nutri-Woods Holdings CorporationIrriBate-SAA is a high performance functional plant-based powder that can prevent skin irritation caused by surfactant. The active components of the two plants, Peach gum and cactus, are recognised by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has synergistic anti-irritating effect, they are selected to create IrriBate-SAA. IrriBate-SAA can prevent irritation caused by a variety of surfactants commonly available on the market and relieve the dry and uncomfortable feelings of the skin after using washing products.
Azelis (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.2G15天然益生元

The product comes from Azelis supplier Novacham.Skin microecological ingredients, natural prebiotics LACTOBIO - moisture, nutrition, defense.

Plant-derived inulin and hydrolyzed yoghurts work together to enhance the growth of beneficial bacterial (Micrococcus roseus and Staphylococcus epidermidis) in the skin and the scalp,  protect the skin and scalp barrier.

Give you healthy and perfect skin and hair. 


The product comes from Azelis supplier TAGRA.TAGRA adopted WS innovative technology to improve the water solubility of salicylic acid to 5g/100ml.

Can be used in the transparent formula, room temperature stirring can be completely dissolved into a transparent solution, no need to add solvent and alcohol, still maintain a weak acidic pH, without crystallization risk, stable and effective.

Angel Yeast Co.,Ltd.2C16Yeast Essence Z20Based on biological zinc patent technology, Yeast Essence Z20 is rich in the necessary biological zinc for skin metabolism. Zinc is combined with amino acids, peptides and other highly active small molecules. It reduces the specific skin irritation of inorganic zinc and is more suitable for the application of skin care products. Z20 not only has the functions of yeast extract, but also has the functions of anti-inflammatory, anti acne, oil control, reducing dandruff and other beneficial skin.
Shanghai JAKA Biotech Co.,LTD.2F43密源植萃®Hairdian® AP is a natural plant material developed for hair loss. The bioactive ingredients are extracted from Latycladus orientalis, Zingiber officinale, Trifolium pratense and Artemisia argyi using two innovative techniques named ultrasonic-assisted semi bionic extraction and thermal infiltration integrated extraction. It focuses on the regulation of hair follicle cycle and could effectively reduce hair loss via promoting autophagy of dermal papilla cells (DPCs) and up-regulating the expression of some cell growth factors.
CRODA1G32Infraveil™ IT-100
Infraveil™ IT-100 is the latest star of Croda's metal oxides family, which can instantly establish a physical barrier to effectively protect the skin from near-infrared light (IRA). Relying on years of in-depth research and patented process technology, Croda’s Solar Protection Family Solaveil™, Optisol™ and Infraveil™ can now provide multi-dimensional inorganic protection covering UVA, UVB, blue light (HEV), near-infrared (IR), and even gaseous pollutants, inspiring unlimited formulation ideas.
Guangzhou CDLunion Biotechnology Co.,Ltd / Shanghai CDLunion  Chemistry Co.,Ltd1H60 Pellicer™  L-30
A. Gemini amphiphile molecule,ceramide-like structure,repairs skin damage, penetrates and swells the lean cortex cells of damaged hair and repairs the damaged hair 

B.  CMC of Pellicer is approximately  0.01wt%  as solid content,excellent emulsifying property,disperses hydrophobic particles well in the water,reduces skin irritation of other surfactants 

C.  Long term water retention ability similar to hyaluronic acid 

Natura-Tec1G01Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL

A sustainable and renewable liposoluble marine active to repair and re-balance sensitive skin.

Based on the Nannochloropsis Oceanica microalgae species, which is very rich in phytocholesterol and omega 3, Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL is the ideal solution for atopic and sensitive skin.

Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL is the result of extensive research by our Biotechnology centre and is produced using our patented closed-circuit low carbon footprint photobioreactor technology which ensures consistent quality and purity combined with environmental compliance and minimal carbon footprint.

Natura-Tec Marine OceanMist CL rebalances and nourishes the microbiota of the skin, and thus enhances skin defensive barrier and immunity to contribute to healthier skin.


Utilizing green extraction methods, Militarine and polysaccharides are prepared from cultivated bletilla striata,a medicinal herb traditionally utilized to heal wounds and ulcer. The efficacy tests results showed that Militarine can inhibit IL-6 and TNF-α,Polysaccharides possess moisturizing, hemostasis and repairing effects. It is recommended to use in oral hygiene products or skin barrier repairing products.

The patent application has been submitted to China National Intellectual Property Administration.

SHANGHAI OLI ENTERPRICES CO., LTD 1E134Cell Phospholipid Oil Solution

OLI-8200 cell phospholipid oil solution is a new product launched by Oli. Due to the bionic structure of human cell membrane phospholipid, OLI-8200 has excellent biocompatibility, moisturizing and water-blocking ability, as well as skin-friendly improvement ability, which satisfy the huge market demand for functional oil-soluble products.

Product Features: 

1. Excellent moisturizing and water-blocking ability

2. Excellent biological safety 

3. Good shielding skin irritation ability

4. Water-resistant molecular nail effect 

5. Excellent improvements of the skin feel of oily products 

6. Application: lotion, cream, essence oil and other skin care products; hair care essential oils and other hair care products; Lipstick, foundation and other beauty products.