PCHi2023 Sustainability Zone

Date:February 15-17, 2023


Venue:China Import and Export Fair Complex Area A Hall 4.1

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With environmental issues dominating the international headlines, PCHi responds to the personal care industry’s journey toward achieving sustainability by introducing a new feature area — PCHi Sustainability Zone — which showcases specific products and technologies that demonstrate various exhibitors’ efforts in sustainable development.

A select group of exhibitors will also be sharing more about their products, services, and business practices at the PCHi Sustainability Forum. Attendees interested to gain more insight and inspiration should plan to explore the showcase and keynote presentations in Hall4.1.


PCHi2023 Sustainable Beauty Conference
Organizor:Reed Sinopharm
Supporting Institute:China Association of Circular Economy、Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association Valued Supporting Partner:YAT
Venue:Sustainability Zone at Hall 4.1
15th February-Sustainable Trends Session
10:00-10:30Exploring the Trends of Green Packaging in the 14th Five-Year PlanZhao Kai
Executive Vice President
China Association of Circular Economy
10:30-11:00Exploration of the Industry-University- Research Model and Practice of Circular Design in ChinaDongjin Song Assistant Professor
Shanghai Jiaotong University
11:00-11:30Sustainable Beauty in APACKinshen Chan
Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst Mintel
11:30-12:002023 New Trends of Clean Beauty MarketStephen Yu Senior Analyst BEVOL
13:30-14:00Beiersdorf's Sustainability Agenda and Milestones in ChinaEric Shen
Packaging Associate Director Asia Pacific
Release of Clean Beauty Group Standard
15:00-16:30Establishment of Clean Personal Care Products StandardsCHEN YIHUA
Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade Association
From nautral to clean Explorations and Discovery of Clean Beauty RoadTAO KAN
R&D VP special assistant Chicmax
Panel Discussion: Explore Clean BeautyTANG SHENGNAN, Partner, YAT
CHEN YIHUA, Secretary-General, SDCTA HAO YU, Independent Science Popularizer TAO KAN, R&D VP special assistant, Chicmax Carry Cai, Efficacy Lab Manager, BEVOL
16th February-Sustainable Ingredients Session
10:00-10:30Dow Personal Care Sustainability SolutionsJimmy Li
Greater China Marketing Manager, Home and Personal Care Dow
10:30-11:00Gattefossé Gatt'Up&ActRain SHEN
Business Manger of Personal Care Gattefossé China
11:00-11:30WACKER Silicone: For Beauty, For Planet.
Our Efforts on Low-Carbon Life
July Fan
Marketing Manager WACKER CHEMICALS
11:30-12:00Clariant new VITA range-carbon reducing surfactants & PEGsCynthia Qi
Regional KAM Technical Service Manager
Lunch Break
13:30-14:00Achieving Green Life——The Future of Cosmetic Raw MaterialsZHU CHAONAN
Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology CO., LTD.
14:00-14:30Purposeful Beauty and Be ACTIVEly CommittedPenny Bai Marketing Executive
Croda China Trading Co.,Ltd.
14:30-15:00New Era: Sustainable BeautyLynn Zhang
Evonik Care Solution  Marketing Manager
15:00-15:30Sustainable Natural Oil SolutionOliver Luo
Cargill Bioindustrial Regional Director & Sales Director Cargill Beauty APAC
15:30-16:00Making better happen in beauty with ethically sourced sheaMs.Elena Genesca Pont
Global Commercial Product Manager AAK Personal Care
16:00-16:30Panel Discussion: Sustainable Beauty in ChinaTANG SHENGNAN, Partner, YAT
沈弘 包装副总监 拜尔斯道夫
Rain SHEN, Gattefossé China
Jimmy Li, Dow
陈子泉(卷福酱) 知名美妆科普博主
17th February-Sustainable Packaging Session
10:00-10:30Cosmetics Package Trends and Consumer PreferenceYU JIALING
Senior Analyst YAT
10:30-11:00Introduction of Sustainable Practices and Sustainable Packaging at ShiseidoNAKAZAWA TAKESHI
Senior Director
Shiseido China R&D Center
11:00-11:30How Might Packaging Innovations Better Enable Brands' Sustainable Development JourneyALEX XIE
Asia Strategic Program Director Aptar
11:30-12:00Amcor Sustainability JourneyHansen Ma
Amcor Sustainability Director – China
12:00-12:30FreeCBO2®  Oceancycle®  Plastic solution accelerating the Beauty Industry to achieve Carbon neutralityStorm Ma Founder
Ningbo Topcentral New Material Co., Ltd

Sustainability Zone Showcase

Booth NumberCompany nameProduct NameProduct Introduction
3H08Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology CO., LTD.Napure
Napure C-FA is a liquid product, with INCI name—Sodium Methyl Cocoy Taurate. The product has excellent foaming ability, and the foam is rich,fine and dense.It can bring soft and moist feeling when applied in cosmetics. Napure C-FA is easy to biodegrade, safe to use, is in line with the CLEAN BEAUTY trend as a mild amino acid surfactants. Napure C-FA has excellent synergistic effect when compound with other anions surfactants. It is widely used in high-end facial cleanser, shampoo and bath produc
2A25Croda China Trading Co.,Ltd.Croda 100% bio- based ECO rangeThe  100%  bio-based  ECO  range  is  a  comprehensive  range  of  100% renewable surfactants on the market. By using an alternate route to EO with bioethanol from biomass sources, it significantly increases the bio- based content of ethoxylated products and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. This range is manufactured with renewable energy, yet their performance is identical to petro-based options.
1A27Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.RHEASOME®
RHEASOME®  CeraBoost is a biotechnologically and natural-derived delivery system.  It  can  deliver  sphingolipids/ceramides  through  the  skin  barrier into the deeper viable epidermis, enhances the skin’s own lipid pool and promotes ceramide production and diversity, regeneration by skin barrier lipid refilling and reorganization into the lipid lamellae,   and improves skin moisturization for a well-aged skin.
RHEANCE®  OneRHEANCE®   One  is  a  new  class  of  all-natural  ingredients  for  rinse-off applications, which is a break-though in nature cleansing as well, which is  produced  with  the  natural  process  and  renewable  raw  materials. RHEANCE®   One is fully biodegradable and has exceptionally low aquatic toxicity and is a powerful cleansing and effective solubilization of essential oils, fragrances, and flavors, offering pleasant sensory benefits with a dense and creamy foam.
TEGOSOFT®  MM MBTEGOSOFT®   MM  MB  is  a  highly  pure  cosmetic  wax,  fully  based  on renewable  sources. The  product  is  produced  by  a  unique,  eco-efficient process fully running on renewable energy leading to an improved impact on global warming by 100% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional chemical  production.It  imparts  body  and  structure  to  O/W  emulsions, especially lotions. Leaves a pleasant, soft skin feel.
3D01CLARIANT CHEMICALS TECHONOLOGY (SHANGHAI) LTD.V I T A    r a n g e , 100%  bio-based surfactants & PEGsVITA  is  another  word  for  life  and  our  solution  for  the  climate challenge.  O ur  VITA  surf actant s  are  100%  bio-based,  f ully segregated  and  set  a  new  standard  in  green  surfactants The   VIT A   range   is   designed   for   natural   formulations targeting   a   high   Renewable   Carbon   Index   (RCI) By  ma xi mi zi n g  g re e n  ca rb o n  co n te nt  i n  p ro d u cts,  th e  VITA range  contributes  to  removing  fossil  carbon  from  the  value  chain VITA surfactants are chemically equivalent to our fossil-based versions and perform just as efficiently
1G14嘉吉投资(中国)有限公司Sustainable Cocoa ButterSustainable  white  cocoa  butter,  transparent  supply  chain  from cocoa  farms  to  personal  care    products.  The  refining  process of  Cargill,  provides  a  white  and  deodorized  cocoa  butter that  makes  it  a  great  option  for  personal  care  formulations. The Sustainable Cocoa Butter supported by the Cargill Cocoa Promise™, 100% Nature derived (ISO 16128), Rainforest Alliance certified, Readily Biodegradable (According to OECD 301 B).
Satiagel™ VPC 614INCI:  Carrageenan  Satiagel™  VPC614,  a  Kappa  carrageenan, sourced  from  red  seaweef,  specifically  suitable  for  high  gelling applications  and  solid  formulations.  New  type  that  completes the  carrageenan  portfolio  -  offering  personal  care  manufacturers unlimited  texture  options  with  one  unique  INCI  reference. Carrageenans  are  100%  nature-derived*  &  COSMOS  approved ingredients and supported by our dedicated sustainability program Red Seaweed Promise™.
1A51WACKER CHEMICALSBELSIL®  ecoWacker  Chemicals  introduces  the  BELSIL®   eco  Silicone  line  that  uses only silicon and bio-methanol derived from renewable materials through a certified process, where bio-methanol is certified from plant waste such as sugar beets, straw, grass. The BELSIL®  eco silicone series enables the production  of  silicone  products  based  on  non-fossil  raw  materials. This technology enables BELSIL® eco to have a much lower carbon footprint than silicone products made from fossil.
1G36DowMaizeCare™ Clarity PolymerMaizeCare™  Clarity  Polymer  is  bio-based  and  biodegradable  polymer with film-forming properties that provide a non-tacky feel when styling. The corn-based ingredient can be used as a high-performing fixative polymer that  offers  curl  retention,  hair  stiffness,  and  carbomer  compatibility  for crystal clear formulations. COSMOS approved, 2022 R&D100 Winner and Sustainability Award 2022
EcoSmooth™ Rice Husk Cosmetic PowderEcoSmooth™  Rice  Husk  Cosmetic  Powder  is  a  bio-based  white,  free- flowing powder obtained from upcycling rice husk, provides optical soft- focus properties, smooth sensorial experience, compaction benefit, water and sebum absorption and is COSMOS approved.
SunSpheres™ BIO SPF BoosterSunSpheres™ BIO SPF Booster is a bio-based SPF booster that enables greater  SPF  efficiency  in  sun  care  and  daily  wear  SPF  products.  This naturally derived and biodegradable SPF booster raises the UV protection over  the  whole  UVA/UVB  spectrum,  working  equally  well  with  organic and inorganic actives and demonstrate in vitro and in vivo SPF boosting performance. Awarded Sustainability Product of the Year in 2020.
An innovative raw material meets consumer needs perfectly, help brand succeeding and developing sustainable concepts in various applications!
•100% based on natural and renewable raw materials, ecological and mild process design
•MB level of shea butter sourced from ethical supply chain - KOLO NAFASO
•SPF boosting
•Superior wetting property on mineral sunscreen
•Ideal solubilizing property on organic sunscreen
•Efficient cost-in-use
1C02Gattefossé ChinaSolastemisSolastemis  acts  at  the  heart  of  the  epidermis  mechanics,  by  protecting the  DNA of  keratinocytes  from  lesions  induced  by  UVA and  boosting endogenous  DNA repair  capacity.  It  preserves  the  stemness  potential of  the  epidermis  ensuring  proper  and  long-lasting  skin  homeostasis. Furthermore, it also offers a shield for the dermis by protecting key proteins from degradation generated by UVs. Photoaging associated symptoms are visibly corrected as proven in a clinical study versus placebo.
EleVastinEleVastin™ is the targeted solution to gravity induced skin sagging. Using a set of advanced models and analytic tools, EleVastin was proven its strong efficacy. While promoting skin elasticity, this active offers undeniable support to the skin, which is submitted to the daily pressure of gravity. EleVastin helps reduce drooping of the lower face. Facial contours are better defined, and a youthful appearance is restored.

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