CSTIC Speakers

Huiliang Li

Professor/Senior Engineer/Senior Scientist

Li has been in the field of cosmetics R&D for more than twenty years; and is one of the most influential experts in the cosmetics industry in China. Li has been long engaged in the development of Chinese beauty culture and the study on formula design of functional cosmetics using Chinese medical herbs. Li dedicates to and plays a leading role in the cosmetics R&D of the Liushen and  Herborist which is the most well-known local cosmetic brand in China.

Liang Xu

Professorate Senior Engineer

Member of Cosmetics Standard Expert Committee of CFDA, vice director of Cosmetics Safety Expert Committee and cosmetics technical reviewer of CFDA, reviewer of national technical department for technical projects. Also, distinguished professor of Advanced Training Institute of CFDA, member of China Association of Photobiology and Photochemistry, director of Cosmetics Committee of Beijing FDA.

Mr. Xu has been engaged in the research and management of cosmetics for more than 20 years. He has published more than sixty research papers and four books, and his great contributions in cosmetics researches granted him the Beijing Scientific Advancement Medal for three times. He was awarded with two national cosmetics patents as the first named inventor, and also involved in the works of drafting, amending and accreditation in several cosmetics regulations and standards in China.

Shufen Dong

Senior Engineer

Secretary General & Chief Technical Director of China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI), member of National Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Standard Technical Committee (SAC TC257) and deputy director of Cosmetic sub-Committee of SAC TC 257, member of Cosmetic Standard Expert Committee of China Food and Drug Administration, graduated from Wuxi Light Industry College (now Jiangnan University).

Having been focused on cosmetic technology and management for more than 40 years. Former technical director of The 3rd Factory of Beijing Daily-use Chemicals and Chief Director of Beijing Daily Chemical Research Institute.

Obtaining many scientific and technology achievements for cosmetic development and research, and management. Took part in the study and research on cosmetic regulations, and the drafting of several cosmetic standards and cosmetic regulations.


HongWei Zhang


Professor ---- Department of Environmental Toxicology.

Institute for Environmental Health and health related production safety

China CDC, Beijing, China

Professor ---- Department of Environmental Toxicology.

Institute for Environmental Health and health related production safety

China CDC, Beijing, China

Director of Dept of Environmental Toxicology, Institute for Environmental Health and health related production safety, CDC.

Vice Chairman of CFDA the Expert Committee for Cosmetics Safety、Vice Chairman of CFDA the Special Committees for Cosmetic Safety Risk Assessment、Member of Cosmetics Standards Committee of Ministry of Health、Member of FDA Cosmetic Standards Expert Committee、Member of Chinese Society of Toxicology for Genetic Toxicology Branch、Member of Chinese Society of Toxicology for Health Toxicology Branch

In recent years the main areas of research related to cosmetics regulations and animal alternative test methods. Published several articles and many books. HongWei  Zhang  Ph.D. drafted several national standards as the main authors.


《Safety and regulatons for cosmetics》2013

《Management and research for cosmetics》2012

《Alternative laboratory animal methods principles and applications》2010

《Environment and illness》2007

Li Li PhD

Department of Dermatovenereology

West China Hospital, Medicine of Sichuan University


• Ph D of Dermatology on Clinical Evaluation of Cosmetics in 2005, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology, University of Franche –Comté, France, Advisor: Pr. Philippe HUMBERT

• Master Degree of Dermatology in 1990, West China University of Medical Sciences, Sichuan, China. Advisor: Han-Chao LUO            

• Bachelor of Medical Science in 1982, West China University of Medical Sciences, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.


• Non-invasive Measurement of Cutaneous Biology

• Skin Aging & Photoaging on Cell Biology (fibroblasts,dermal stem cells )

• Acne/ Pigmentation/Hairloss

• Evaluation Of the Safety and the Efficacy of the Cosmetic Products in vivo & in vitro


Director of Laboratory of Cosmetic Evaluation

In charge of the Agency of Diagnosis Organization of cosmetic skin Diseases and

In charge of the Lab of Cosmetic Safety and Efficacy Evaluation in Human of

Ministry of Health of the People’s of China (West China Hospital, Sichuan University)

Honorary Professor of University of Franche –Comté, France (from 2011)

Professor & Vice Director of Department of Dermatology

Advisor for Doctor Degree on Dermato-cosmeticology (Ph.D)

1990─Now   Department of Dermatovenereology

West China Hospital, Medicine of Sichuan University

1982─1987   Department of Dermatovenereology,  Luzhou Medical college, Luzhou, Sichuan

Yiming Li


Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Li Yiming, owning the titles of professor and doctoral supervisor, is one of the first group of “Oriental Scholars” specially employed by Shanghai Municipality; he is also the “Outstanding Talent of Oriental Scholar” and the outstanding academic leader of Shanghai Municipality. He is now the vice dean of TCM school of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and was once employed as CTO in Shanghai R&D Center of Nu Skin. His current positions include the deputy director of the National Chinese Medicine Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, deputy director of TCM Chemistry division of China Association of Chinese Medicine, deputy director of Natural Medicine & Chemistry Committee of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association, standing director of TCM Chemistry division of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, director of Marine Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, member of Marine Medicine of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association, etc.

Dr. Li has spent many years in the extraction and separation of and analysis on the chemical composition of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as development of new TCMs and research in application of health and cosmetic products. He has published a total of more than one hundred academic articles in China and in the world, of which more than 80 have been recorded in Science Citation Index (SCI). He has acquired over ten national and international patents. His researches has received great supports from national “Major New Drug Development”, “863 Project” of Ministry of Science, International Cooperation and General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is an outstanding researcher and expert in the study of TCM Chemistry in China.

Jun Xu

Director of Creative Design at National Industrial Design Center

Jun Xu, chief designer of Shanghai Jahwa Corporation and Director of Creative Design

at National Industrial Design Center.

Social Positions: Standing Director of China Fashion & Color Association,

Director of China Industrial Design Association, Standing Director of Shanghai

Federation of Literary and Art Circles/Shanghai Creative Designers Association,

Director of Fashion Design Committee and Shanghai Industrial Design Association;

Visiting Professor of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Tutor of Master of Fine Arts

at Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, Visiting Professor of Euromed Marseille

Ecole de Management, etc.

He once obtained the China Star Design Awards, ORIENT STAR DESIGN, National

Excellent Design Awards, APD Packaging Design Awards and pentawards

in packaging design and luxury design, etc.

John Fu

Associate Professor

Head of Design Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University+B11

Mr. John Fu, Associate Professor, Head of Design Trend Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He graduated From Sounth Yangzi Univisersity in 1998 with master degree. Mr. John Fu is a very well-known expert in China in the field of Consumer Behavior Studies, Lifestyle & Taste of Chinese Consumers as well as marketing and promotion strategies in China.


Wanping Zhang

Associate Professor

Shanghai Institute of Technology

Supervisor of Postgraduate in School of Perfume and+B11 Aroma Technology

Postgraduate in School of Perfume and Aroma Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology.

Member of National Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Standardization Technical Committee

Council Member of CAFFCI Societies of Cosmetic Science & Tachnology

Associate Editor of academic journal “Flavor Fragrance Cosmetics”

She obtained her Ph.D from East China University of Science and Technology in 2005. Then worked in Shanghai Institute of Technology , taught sessions, courses and training programs in cosmetic. Her primary research interests lie at the advances of cosmetic technologies, especially in special emulsion system and coated carrier technology, including Emulsions with liquid crystal structure, multiemulsions, nanoemulsions, lipid nanoparticle carries and polysiloxane microspheres.

Dr. Zhang has participated in drafting National Occupational Standard of Cosmetic Formulators’ and authored Cosmetic Formulators Training Materials. Published over 50 technology papers in the SCI and core journals. Almost 50 invention patents, among which 20 patents have been granted. Took more than 30 provincial and enterprise horizontal projects.

Gang Huo

Technology Director of OSM Biological Co., LTD.

Gang Huo, the Technology Director of OSM biological co., LTD, has engaged in cosmetic R&D and management area for nearly 30 years, especially on the functional skin care products research. He has been in charge of researching and developing a number series of well-known brand products, and has obtained several invention patents until now.

Gangyong Liu


Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College,Associate Professor

Guangdong institute of cosmetics science and technology, President

John Lee

General Manager

Beijing Weishang Co., Ltd.

John Lee, graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine on Chinese medicine deparment. He once worked as the general manager secretary, technical chief, director of institute and the scientist of Johnson & Johnson and Dabao. Now, he is the general manager of Beijing Weishang Co., Ltd.

Daniel Xiangdong Chen

COO of Shanghai BoTan Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

male; nationality: German; graduated in University Hamburg; master degree in chemistry.

Cosmetic expert in research and product development focusing on skin care, hair care and hair coloration. particularly specialized on practice of natural and bio repair.

Have worked for company Henkel as R&D Director of Asian Pacific Cosmetics. Currently working for Shanghai BoTan Cosmetic Co., Ltd. as COO managing the natural cosmetic brand - BOTANmed.

Joanne Bao Director,Herb Formulation

Shanghai Chicmax Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Joanne Bao graduated from East China University as a master majoring in Fermentation Engineering. She had been working in Shanghai Jahwa for seven years till June 2015, as a Product Planning manager of HERBRIST then. Afterwards, she is in charge of Product Development for ONE LEAF and other brands in R&D center, Shanghai Chicmax Cosmetics Co., Ltd from July 2015.

Kang Cheng

The R&D Department Manager of Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.

Kang Cheng ,Doctor of Chinese medicine,Senior Engineer of cosmetics development, graduated from Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 2004. Then worked in Shanghai Jahwa United Co.Ltd., studying the mechanism and application of TCM in Cosmetics field,supplying technical support for SixGod brand and Herborist brand in Chinese herbal medicine functional cosmetics.A number of studies have reached the domestic advanced level, more than 20 academic papers has published, leading or involved in the application for more than twenty patents.

Chuanxi Gu

Chair of Packaging Design Board of Shanghai Packaging Design Association;

Professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

Born in Shanghai, Oct 1960

1979-1983 Central Academy of Craft Art, Major in Commercial Arts,

Department of Decoration Arts (Now the Academy of Arts & Design of

Tsinghua University)

Professor at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

Leader of the Packaging and Communication Design Program

Founder of Shanghai Chuanxi Arts Design Studio

Director of Asian Arts and Science Association

Director of Shanghai Industrial Designer Association

Member of Shanghai Packaging Design Association

Awarded with the Greatest Young Designer in Shanghai, 1996

100 Most Influential Designers and Design Institutions in Shanghai, 2008

Gu Chuanxi Original Master Design Studio, 2009

Outstanding Contributions to the Design Academia in Shanghai, 2011

Shanghai Chuanxi Art Design Studio was awarded with “ The Most

Creative Design Institution in China”, 2011

The Most Influential Professor in Shanghai, 2012

Hong Kong Yongfa Cup, First Place in Creative Design Instructor, 2012-2013

China Packaging Design Association, First Place in Creative Design

Instructor, 2014-2015

Ligang Jiang

R&D Director

Proya Research & Innovation Center

Ligang Jiang, who graduated from Polymer Chemistry major of Zhejiang University in 1995, is now R&D director of Proya Research & Innovation Center.

He has obtained 29 patents of national invention and participated in the development of 7 national cosmetic standards.

He is concurrently committee member of Cosmetic Subcommittee of the National Standardization Technical Committee on Flavour Fragrance & Cosmetic, vice secretary-general of the Zhejiang Cosmetics Technical Committee for Standardization, committee of experts of the Shanghai Institute of Technology Perfume Aroma & Cosmetics Service Center, and vice-chairman of the Zhejiang Health Products Cosmetics Industry Association.

During over 20 years in cosmetics industry, Jiang Ligang worked in Mary Kay and Estee Lauder, where he accumulated more than 10 years working experience in scientific research, and then he started his service in local premium brand Proya until now.

Starting from scratch, he established an integral and normative Proya research and development system in 8 years.

During his tenure, Proya Research & Innovation Center was rewarded: the National High and New Technology Enterprise, China Light Industry Advanced enterprise of Research and Development Innovation, third prize of Excellent Industrial New Product and New Technology in Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Provincial High-Tech Enterprise Research and Development Center, Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise, Zhejiang Proya Cosmetics Technology Research Institute, Hangzhou Top-Quality Citizen Experience Center, etc.

Lin Ma


Director of Department of Dermatology

Beijing Children’s Hospital, Capital Medical University

Professor Lin Ma has devoted herself in pediatric dermatology for more than 30 years, especially majored in the common disease of children's skin, cutaneous hemangioma & vascular malformations, difficult and critical disease. She shows her unique ingenuity on the overall professional development of this field. She has over a hundred publications including 15 SCIs. She is the chief editor of the first "Color atlas of pediatric dermatology" in China, and the first Chinese pediatric dermoatological specialist training textbook "Pediatric dermatology", and participated in the writing of more than 30 books. Scientific interests/Research area/Major and Interests: (1) the long-term treatment and management of atopic dermatitis/eczema in children; (2) integrated treatment of cutaneous hemangioma; (3) cutaneous infectious disease; (4) laser treatment of the pediatric skin abnormalities; (5) the hereditary skin disease.

Li He Professor

Department of Dermatology, First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University


PRESENT POST: Professor, Chief of Department of Dermatology in the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University,Director of Research Institute of Dermatology and Venereology, Principal of Innovation team of the Ministry of education in Yunnan Province Principal of national clinical Key specialized subject Chief Scientist of National Acne Research Center and National photomedicine and skin barrier Research Center, Foregoer of National cosmetic adverse reaction diagnosis institution, Foregoer of YunNan Collaborative Innovation Center.


Vice Chairman of Pan Asian Pacific Skin Barrier Research Society

Branch Association of Dermatology and Venereology, Chinese Medical Association

Chairman of Medical Cosmetology, Chinese Medical Association

Branch Association of Dermatology, Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Chairman of Medical Cosmetology, Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Branch Association of Dermatology, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine

Chairman of Photomedicine and skin barrier, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine


Dermatology and Venereology


Chinese Journal of Dermatology

The Chinese Journal of Dermato-venereology

Journal of Clinical Dermatology

International Journal of Dermatology and Venereology


Specialist who enjoy special government allowance

Advanced worker in China

Excellent scientific and technological worker in China

One of the ten Chinese model teachers in 2016

Yunling scholar in Yunnan Province

The project of the establishment and application of photodamaged skin disease prevention and control system won the first prize of Yunnan province science and technology progress award, and won one of the ten Yunnan province science and technology progresses. 6 books was issued under her general editorship, 5 patents of Professor He was accepted and appled.She published more than 230 papers, 12 of them was covered by SCI , especially research on acne related genes was published on Nature Communications.