PCHi 2019 Fountain Awards Now Open for Entry

The industry-acclaimed PCHi Fountain Awards will be returning to the show again next year! A perennial highlight at PCHi, the Fountain Awards was first introduced two years ago to reward and spur the industry towards advancing research capabilities and developing cutting-edge technologies. The Fountain Awards celebrates innovation-led developments, and seeks to be a catalyst for more sophisticated and creative offerings in the industry.

Application Criteria

The Awards is open to PCHi 2019 exhibitors at no fee, and companies are now invited to submit their forms.

Deadline: 15 November 2017

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Award Categories & Requirements

The PCHi Fountain Awards will cover five categories:

Award Category

Active Ingredients

Moisturizing & Hydrating


Whitening & Brightening


Functional Ingredients

Emulsification & Stability

Sensory Enhancement


Green / Sustainable

(Note: Product must be developed using sustainable processes or technologies at all stages — from ingredients purchasing, processing, to the final product. Nomination must be supported with relevant data / reports / certificates.)

Non-Ingredient Product and Technology

(e.g. processing or packaging machinery, packaging materials, parts, testing instruments, and equipment)

Outstanding Individual of the Year Award

Calling all PCHi 2019 exhibitors to put your best foot forward by showcasing your latest ingredients and innovations as a contender for the PCHi Fountain Awards. If your company launched a new product or technology between 2016 – 2018, you should consider submitting a nomination for the PCHi 2019 Fountain Awards!

Participating companies should take note of the following requirements:

1)Safety: Nominations must include safety assessment reports and relevant supporting data.

2)Efficacy / Performance: Nominated products should either surpass similar innovations, or be a pioneer in the industry. Relevant supporting documents should be made available to the Judging Panel.

3)Cost-effectiveness: Comparable to similar products.

4)Green / Sustainable: Sustainable processes / technologies must be employed throughout the ingredients production, processing, and final stages. Relevant supporting documents and certificates should be submitted together with the nomination form.

Independent Judging Panel Comprising Industry Experts

1)Active Ingredients: moisturizing, anti-aging, skin whitening / lightening / improving, sun block / anti-radiation, other active ingredients (including but not limited to anti-contamination / anti-inflammation / fat abstraction)

2)Functional Ingredients: emulsification / stabilization, sensory enhancement, conducting system, antiseptic, and other functional ingredients.

3)Processing / Packaging / Testing: processing / packaging machinery, packaging (including packaging materials and parts), testing instruments and equipment.

4)Green / Sustainable: product must be developed using sustainable processes / technologies at all stages, from ingredients purchasing, processing, and to the final product. Nomination must be supported with relevant data / reports / certificates.

All innovative products or technologies launched between 2015 - 2017 can be nominated for the PCHi 2018 Fountain Awards.

Independent Industry Experts Judging Panel

The judging panel for the Awards includes established domestic and international scientific researchers from renowned institutions and industry veterans from top cosmetics manufacturing companies. Experts from PCHi's Cosmetics Science & Technology Innovation Committee (CSTIC) and the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) will complete the panel.

All entries will be evaluated carefully and independently by the panel of judges — based on the criteria of innovation, technology, and market applicability — before a final decision is made. To ensure integrity, fairness, and transparency, RSE will withhold the identities of the judging panel until the review process is over.

The PCHi Fountain Awards ceremony will be held on 26 February 2019, alongside PCHi 2019. Finalists, industry experts, and representatives from trade media will be invited to celebrate this event!

More Queries?

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