PCHi2021 Conference Agenda

PCHi 2021 Conference Plenary Talk(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:30-17:00, 24 Mar.       

Venue : Jasmine Hall, 6F, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

MC:Mei Weiping,Director of China Affairs Coordination, Global R&D Department, Beiersdorf AG
Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions       Partners: Mintel, WGSN
13:30-14:10Next generation anti-aging strategy for wrinkle prediction and prevention TAMURA Shohei   President
Shiseido China Innovation Centre
14:20-15:00Beauty Colour Forecast A/W 21/22Olivia Wu  Trend Specialist
15:10-15:50Global beauty and personal care trends 2021 Laurie Du   Senior Beauty Analyst
16:00-16:40Stronger than time, how to build a sense of high end?Chen Ligang  Founder of Texture Octaphilosophy
Design Manager of The Asia Pacific region of the texture design consulting studio subordinate to Standex group

PCHi2021 Skin Care Clinical Research &  Foundation Conference(Paid)

Time:10:00-17:00, 25 Mar.         Venue : Rose Hall 2,5F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

MC:Yuan Chao   Ph.D.               Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Sponsors: Provital,Shanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd.

MC:Yuan Chao   Ph.D.               Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Sponsors: Provital,Shanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd.
10:00-10:40Mask wearing impact on skin conditionsWANG Yang   Product Performance Evaluation – Clinical Evaluation Manager
L’Oreal Research & Innovation Center
10:40-11:20The verification model of genomics in skin immunologyFranki    R&d Senior Engineer
Shanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd.
11:20-12:00Cosmetic Efficacy Claims and Scientific SupportHua Zhao Professor, Ph.D.
Beijing technology and Business University
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:30-14:10Decoding Provital's
Skin Technology 
Shu Ya  Marketing Manager
14:20-15:00Light Pollution and Skin aging & Protection in the Intelligent AgeTIAN Yan  Director of Medical Cosmetology
Special Medical Center of Air Force, PLA
15:10-15:50The Development  and the Treatment of the Environmental DermatosisYuan Chao Ph.D.
Skin & Cosmetic Research Dept, Shanghai Skin Diseases Hospital
16:00-16:40Effects of air pollution on human skinZhou CHEN   Professor
Department of Dermatology, Peking University, People’s Hospital

PCHi2021 Market Trends Conference(Paid)
Time:10:00-17:00, 25 Mar.  
              Venue : Peony Hall,5F, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
MC:Kelly Tang    Senior Analyst        Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Euromonitor International
10:00-10:50Global Beauty Market Review Under 2020 – E-Commerce Revolution in China and Its Prospects in 2021Samuel Yan   E-commerce Commercial Lead, China
The NPD Group, Inc.
10:50-11:40Market Overview and Key Trends in Beauty and Personal Care Kelly Tang   Senior Analyst
Euromonitor International
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:30-14:20Exploration of IngredientsMinting Yu  Research Manager
Ipsos China
14:30-15:20Recovery growth of cosmetics in China department store channel Lisa Chen   Senior Manager of Cosmestics Dep.
GFK China
15:30-16:20Insight of Consumer Demand and Trend Research on Anti-aging ProductsShengnan Tang PhD
Partner of YAT

PCHi2021 Cosmetics R&D and Formulation Conference(Paid)

Time:10:00-17:00, 25 Mar.                             Venue : Rose Hall 3,5F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions          MC:Huiliang Li, Professor Senior Engineer;  Shan  Liu, Vice President;Dr. Zhang Qianjie

Sponsors: Lubrizol Life Science;Manufacturer Haisheng Health Technology (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd
10:00-10:20Keynote: Cosmetics R & D under the New RegulationHuiliang Li
Professor Senior Engineer
10:20-11:00Innovative Cosmetic Research under New RegulationsNan LU   MD   Director of scientific research
Shanghai Pechion Daily Chemical Co., Ltd
11:00-11:40Insight into SNARE Complex and anti-wrinkle Dr. Xianghua Qu,Skin Essential Regional Marketing Manager
11:40-12:20Recent advances of transdermal delivery system in cosmeticsLiu Wei  Professor/Doctoral Supervisor  Director
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, National Engineering Research Center for Nanomedicine
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:30-14:10In vivo efficacy evaluation and formula design of cosmeticsYimei Tan  Deputy Director of skin and cosmetics research department
Shanghai Skin Disease Hospital
14:10-14:50The birth of a new cosmetic product under the background of the new regulationsLigang Jiang   Senior R&D Director
Proya Research & Innovation Center
14:50-15:30Application of natural marine active substance alage oligosaccharide in cosmetics research and developmentDr. Zhao Xia   Director of sugar engineering drug research and development office
Qingdao Institute of marine biomedicine

Guan Lushi    Vice president,Senior Engineer
Marine Biomedical Research Institute of Qingdao
15:30-16:10Interpretations on efficacy evaluation of cosmetics under new regulationsPhilip Wang  Executive Dean
Botanee Research Institute
16:10-16:50DiscussionMC:Shan Liu   YaLan International R&D Manufacturing Center     Vice President
Huiliang Li   Professor Senior Engineer
Li Li    Cosmetics Evaluation Center of West China Hospital   Director
Nan LU      Shanghai Pechion Daily Chemical Co., Ltd     Director of scientific research
Philip Wang    Botanee Research Institute   Executive Dean

PCHi2021 Hair and Scalp Care Conference(NEW)(Paid)
0-17:00, 25 Mar.                                       Venue : Rose Hall 1,5F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
MC:Dingquan Yang   Chief Physician/Director       Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Shanghai JAKA Biotech Co., LTD.  
13:30-14:10Laboratory evaluation system for hair productsWu Wenyu  Doctor of Medicine  Director of the hair transplant center
Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University
14:20-15:00Study on autophagy of dermal papilla cells inspires the development of anti-hair loss ingredientHenry Zhang    Marketing Director
Shanghai JAKA Biotech Co., LTD.
15:10-15:50Microecology of Hair Follicles and Hair Scalp HealthDingquan Yang   Chief Physician/Director
Hair Medicine Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital
16:00-16:40Key Trends Impacting Global and Chinese Haircare Category Innovation Mr. Zhuo Wang   Global Partner

PCHi2021 Medical Aesthetics & Skincare Recovery Conference(NEW)(Paid)
Time:10:00-17:00, 25 Mar.       Venu
e : Tulip Hall,6F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
MC:Dr. Yuan-Hong Li              Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions 
10:00-10:40Skin Care Strategies after Medical   Procedures  Dr. Yuan-Hong Li, Professor of Dermatology, Mentor of PhD
Vice Chairman, Laser and Physical Therapy Group of CDA
Former Deputy Director of Dermatology in the First Hospital of China Medical University
10:50-11:30Development of Functional Skin Care Cosmetics Based on Chinese Population Skin DatabaseMin Yao      Leader of cosmetic laser surgery team of plastic surgery department
Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:30-14:10Administration of Skin barrier dysfunction after light and laser therapyXiuli Wang    Professor
Tongji University School of Medicine
14:20-15:00Medical Microneedle Technology StandardWei Liu    Chairman
Standard Committee of China Plastic and Cosmetic Association
15:10-15:50New Progress and Challenge of Skin CosmetologyHui XU   Director of Dermatology; Deputy Director of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine Department
Ninth People's Hospital , Medical School of Shanghai Jiaotong University
16:00-16:40Discussion and Suggestion on the R&I of Skin Barrier Repair and Maintainance Cosmeceuticals: the Perspective of Skin Anatomy and PhysiologyEric Bao    Ph.D.
Ph.D. of Physiology, Life Science, Fudan University
Founder and CEO, Minduction Management Consulting

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] PCHi2021 Robertet Group Conference(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:30-17:00, 24 Mar.                         Venue : Chrysanthemum Hall,5F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions      Co-organizer:Robertet Group

13:00-15:30Aromacosmetic & Neutral Technology David Huang    Fragrance Technical Director
Robertet China
15:30-17:00Healthy & Beauty IngredientNicolas Ye    Flavor Division Technical Manager & Regulatory Affaires coordinator
Robertet China

PCHi2021 Legacy and Innovations—Forum on Development and Innovation of Natural Active Raw Materials(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:00-17:00, 24 Mar.                Venue : Rose Hall 2,5F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions    
Co-organizers:The TCM Beauty Industry Committee of WFCMS   

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions    
Co-organizers:The TCM Beauty Industry Committee of WFCMS   
   Tianjin Shangmei Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
13:10-13:45Study on the development and application of natural plant active ingredients such as Rough gentian and Rehmannia glutinosa shavingsXiang Guanggang   General Manager and R&D Director
Shanghai Jiayu biotechnology co., ltd
13:45-14:20Development and innovation of natural active raw materialsShi Lei   Secretary General
The TCM Beauty Industry Committee of WFCMS
14:20-14:55Formulation design and application of Chinese herbal medicine cosmeticsZhang Lei  R & D Firector
Tianjin Shangmei Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
14:55-15:30Opportunity and Challenge of Developing Chinese Herbal CosmeticsCheng Kang   Deputy Director
Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Co., LTD.Chinese herbal medicine institute
15:30-16:05R&D and application of natural active ingredients in formulaQiu Xiaofeng   Vice-president
Nox Bellcow Cosmetic  Co.,Ltd
16:05-16:40Evaluation of safety and functionality of natural active ingredientsFeng Jun   Higher Level Manager

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] PCHi2021 Redefining nature by technology(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)
Time:13:30-16:00, 24 Mar.         Venue : Rose Hall 3,5F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
MC:Echo Wang                          Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Co-organizer:Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
13:30-13:40Opening speechEvan Wu
vice president & head of Care Solutions Asia Pacific Evonik
13:40-14:00New ideas for natural emulsifier to develop formulation
Dr. Allen Zhang
Leave-On Lab Manager APAC
Evonik Cosmetic Solutions 
14:00-14:20Rethinking the nature of cosmeticsDr. Lisa Wu
Rinse-off Lab Manager
Evonik Cosmetic Solutions
14:20-14:40Ceramides powered by organic olive oil
& The power of turmeric for skin care
Dr. Jian Qiao
Business Development Manager, Active Ingredients Asia
Evonik Cosmetic Solutions
14:40-15:00Product protection that is gentle and efficientDr. Allen Zhang
Leave-On Lab Manager APAC
Evonik Cosmetic Solutions 

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] PCHi 2021 Conference - Regulation, Safety and Claim Evaluation of Cosmetics: Global Trends and SGS Solutions

(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:00-17:00, 24 Mar.                          Venue : Peony Hall,5F, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions       Co-organizer:SGS 
13:00-14:00Cosmetic Regulation Updates in EU, US, China and Safety Assessement under New Provision for China Market  Denny LI Technical Manager, Global Technical Coordinator of Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Product
14:00-14:50Product Claim under New Provision and Relative Evaluation Method IntroductionVerney LI Performance Evaluation Expert of Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Product
14:50-15:40Discussion on Acne in Medical Perspective and the Principle of Acne RelievingQingping LIAO Dermatologist
15:40-16:30In-Vitro Evaluation for Cosmetic Production ClaimGary DAI Toxicologist

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] PCHi2021 Winter Breaks, Beauty Blooms Conference(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)
Time:13:00-17:00, 24 Mar.         Venue : Tulip Hall,6F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
MC:Xiao xia He                          Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions     Co-organizer:Guang Zhou Aowen Trading co.,Ltd
13:00-17:00Aowen Special Ingredients and Formula Sharing MeetingJing Zhou   Product Menager
Guangzhou Aowen Trading Co., Ltd

Fei Xie   Technical manager
Guangzhou Aowen Trading Co., Ltd

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] PCHi2021 Microbiome Revolution and Skin Health Conference(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:14:00-17:00, 24 Mar.                         Room:Sweet Osmanthus Hall,6F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions      Co-organizer:SETHIC INNOVATION LABO

14:00-14:20Targeting our skin microbiome and gut microbiome for skin health Jean-Yves Bruxer    Managing Director
14:20–14:50The importance of skin microbiome for skin healthLi Wei    Dermatologist
14:50–15:20The gut-skin axis: the importance of gut microbiome to decrease skin sensitivityZhao Ai    Doctoral Supervisor/Assistant Professor
Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University
15:20–15:50Prebiotic, Probiotic, Post-biotic: Sethic solution for improving skin healthSam Yang  R&I Manager  
15:50–16:20Micro-ecological application in skin care-is it the next vane?Yang Chun    Senior Data Analyst
16:20–16:50A new brand for microbiome: the success of Dr. Alva Grace Dong    Cosmetics Product Director

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] PCHi2021 From Connection to Change - A New Style of Science in the Beauty Industry Conference

(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:30-17:00, 2021 Mar. 24        Room:Sixth Floor Narcissus Hall
MC:Li Huiliang                                   Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions     Co-organizer:Bevol
13:30-13:50Chaos and order - 40 years of stirring observation in the beauty industryLi Huiliang
Professorial Senior Engineer
13:50-14:10A new force for reinventing industry connectivity - BevolLi Wei
Co founder of Bevol, VP
14:10-14:40Data changes the beauty industry - The empowerment of Beauty Evolution Big Data Xu Hong
Partner of Bevol, Director of SaaS Business Unit
14:40-15:00How to catch the wind of diversified consumer demand? --The case study of "small sample economy" of Beauty Evolution boxCheng Xing
Partner of Bevol, Director of Beauty Evolution Box Business Unit
15:00-15:20The scientific formula for building consumer confidence in brands - beauty testing solutionsLi Qiong
General Manager, Health & Beauty Products, Greater China, Intertek Group
15:40-16:00What do I consider to be a good product?Mystery Guest
A Renowned key opinion leader
16:00-16:20How to make consumers understand your product?Huang Laoxie
Partner of Bevol, Director of Consumer Business Unit
16:20-16:40Trend forecast of explosive efficacy ingredients in 2021Yi Ou
Founder of Bevol, CEO
16:40-17:00Discussion & Exchange 

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] PCHi2021 Efficacy evaluation and testing of cosmetics  Conference(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)
Time:09:00-17:30, 25 Mar.    Venue : Chrysanthemum Hall,5F,  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
MC:SuNing  LuYongbo         Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions      Co-organizer:CAIQ COSMETICS TECH CENTER , Guangdong BioCell Biotechnology Co.Ltd
MC:Su Ning
9:30-10:10Review of in vitro Evaluation MethodsYongbo  Lu  Managing  Director
Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
10:10-10:50Efficacy Evaluation of Hair Care ProductsChen LIU   Technical director, COS/AI APAC, Care solutions
Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai)co., Ltd
10:50-11:30Efficacy Evaluation of Oral Care ProductsLiu JiaJin     Senior Quality Engineer
Guangzhou Quality Supervision And Testing Institute 
11:30-12:10Review of Clinical Efficacy EvaluationYang Li  Manager Technical Department
Beijing Sino-German Union Cosmetic Institute Co.,Ltd.
12:10-13:30Lunch Break
MC:Lu Yongbo
13:30-14:10Advances in New Technologies for Non-invasive Efficacy Evaluation Li LI    MD,Ph.D
West China Hospital, Sichuan University
14:10-14:50Efficacy Evaluation of Hair Care ProductsJiang Chunpeng    Chief Scientist
Shanghai LvRui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 
14:50-15:30Efficacy Evaluation of Oral Care ProductsGao Ying    R & D director,Chief Senior Engineer
Yunnan Baiyao Group Health Products Co., Ltd
15:30-16:10The Application Prospects of Arnebia euchroma in the Field of CosmeticsXiao Ning   Adviser
Beijing Association of the Integrating of Traditional and Western Medicine
16:10-16:50Efficacy Evaluation of Skin Care CosmeticsHeyi Zhou   Reaseacher

 [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks]  PCHi2021 Green Cleaning & Biotechnology Skin Care Conference(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)
Time:10:00-12:00, 26 Mar.         Venue : Rose Hall 3,5F,  shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
MC:Tony Sun                             Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions   Co-organizer: Nanjing Huashi New Material Co., Ltd.
10:00-11:00Clean Beauty Consumer Products with 100% Natural Origin Amino Acid SurfactantsJun Wu   Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Sino Lion USA
11:00-12:00Skin care from biotechnology clean beauty ingredients Hannah Ren    Ph.D., Director, Application and Technology
Ascend Biotech LLC, USA

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