PCHi2020 Conference Agenda

PCHi Conference Plenary Talks: Trend-driven Innovations for a Smart Future(Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:30-17:00, 2 June      

Venue: Room 1, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Dr. Weiping Mei,Director of China Affair Coordination,Global R&D Center, Beiersdorf
Partner: BEAUTYSTREAMS      
13:30-14:10Holistic Beauty——3D Macroscopic Visualization of Vasculature in Skin and its Physical Relevance in Skin-Aging 【Presented in Japanese;Chinese; English】TAMURA Shohei   President
Shiseido China Innovation Centre
14:20-15:00Updating 【Presented in English & Chinese】Jayanne Jin   EVP  Business Development
15:10-15:50Cosmetics Trend 2020【Presented in English & Chinese】John Fu  Header
Design Trend Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
16:00-16:40Updating 【Presented in English & Chinese】Updating

PCHi2020 Cosmetics Summit Forum of Chinese Characteristic Plant Resources(Paid)

Time:9:30-16:00,  3 June

Venue:  Room 1-B, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center      MC:Hua ZHAO,Hong MENG

Organizers: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions; China Cosmetics Collaborative Innovation Center (CCCIC) of BTBU;Beijing Daily Chemical Association
Co-organizers: China Personal Care & Cosmetics Industry Alliance (CPCCIA); College Cosmetic Association
Sponsors: Nutri-woods Bio-tech(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.; Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Co., LTD
9:45-10:00Guest Speech - Chinese Characteristics Plant Resources under the Chinese Characteristics "Beautiful Economy"YinMao DONG,Beijing Technology and Business University
10:30-11:00Research Progress in Dermatophysiology of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dermatopharmacology of Traditional Chinese MedicineXiSheng SANG,Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine
11:00-11:30Regulatory Requirements and Registration Points of Plant Raw Materials in CosmeticsYue SHI,The Institute of Medicinal Plant Development
Lunch Time
13:30-14:00Joint Application of Traditional Dosage Form Research and Cosmetic Dosage Form DevelopmentNianPing FENG,Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
14:00-14:30Effectiveness Evaluation Method of Plant Raw Materials Based on Raman Confocal TechnologyYuHong LIU,Nutri-Woods Bio-tech Co.,Ltd.
14:30-15:00Product Design Ideas and Development Progress of Cosmetics with Chinese Characteristics Plant ResourcesZhi LV,Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
15:00-15:30Another Idea for Cosmetic Plant Extracts: Take the Development of Protoplasts as An Example  【Presented in Japanese & Chinese】KITAGAKI MASATO,Shiseido China Innovation Center
15:30-16:00The Application Status and Research Direction of Plant Resources in Korean Cosmetics  【Presented in Korean & Chinese】YOOJAE MAENG,LG Household & Health Care Ltd.

PCHi2020 Cosmetics Formulation Conference (Paid)

Time:10:00-17:00, 3 June

Venue: Room 7, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Huiliang Li;Nan Lu;Michelle Lu
Sponsor : Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
10:00-10:40Healthy Skin MicrobiomeZhe-Xue Quan  Professor
School of Life Sciences, Fudan University
10:45-11:25Skin microbiota: New trend or hot topic?Dr. Xianghua Qu  Regional Marketing Manager
Asia Pacific, Skin Essential
Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
11:30-12:10Skin Microecology and Cosmetics Research and DevelopmentLiya Song  Deputy Director
Cosmetics Department, School of Science
Beijing technology and business university
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:30-14:10Formulation Concept for Developing New ProductsChang-Li-Ching  CEO
(Taiwan) Chang-Li-Ching Technology Consultants Ltd
14:20-15:00New research on skin microbiome - environmental bacteria and the skin, and countermeasures【Presented in Japanese & Chinese】Tomomasa Shimanuki  General manager
Frontier Research Center
Pola Chemical Industries, INC.
15:10-15:50How to Make Good Formulation  in Consideration of Skin  MicroecologyLaiji Ma PhD
Executive president, the Institute of Oriental Beauty Valley
Shanghai institute of Technology
16:00-16:40DiscussionZhe-Xue Quan                  Professor, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University
Du Zhiyun                         Chairman of Guangdong Cosmetic Association
Binghan (De-Tian Xu)     Tongji University Medical School
Ying Zou                            M.D. & Ph.D.    Shanghai Dermatology Hospital

PCHi2020 Market Trends Conference (Paid)

Time:10:00-17:00, 3 June

Venue: Room 8, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Dr. Wang Tianxiang
Partner : Mintel        Media Partner: SPC
10:00-10:40Big Data Boosts Next Ingredients Tail Wind for cosmetic products R&DShengnan Tang PhD
Co-founder of YAT
General Manager of YANYAN Information Technology (Shanghai) CO., LTD
10:50-11:30Impact of Skincare Products, Beauty Devices and Cosmetic Surgery on Consumers' Attitudes towards BeautyUpdating
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:00-14:10Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Beauty Ingredients  【Presented in English & Chinese】Julia Wray
Editor – SPC
Technical Editor – Cosmetics Business
14:20-15:00Innovation trends and opportunities in Asia Skin Care Market 【Presented in English & Chinese】Sumit Chopra   Director of Research & Analysis
15:10-15:50Overview of Active Ingredients in Personal Care Industry in China, Japan, and KoreaJeanne Huang  Engagement Manager
16:00-16:40Beauty Market Trend and Technology Outlook in North AmericaDr. Wang Tianxiang  Former R&D Director
Estée Lauder (USA) Global R&D Center

PCHi2020 Skin Care Clinical Research &  Foundation Conference (Paid)

Time:10:00-17:00, 3 June

Venue: Room 9, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Dr. Zhang Wanping
Sponsors : Provital;Shanghai GREAF Biotech., LTD.
10:00-10:40Preventing the Relapse of Inflammatory Skin Diseases by Protecting the Skin BarrierLi Xia   MD, Associate Professor
Department of Dermatology, Ruijin Hospital 
10:45-11:25Skin Barrier FunctionWei Liu  Prof. of Dermatology
Dermatological Hospital, GHAF
11:30-12:10Skin aging gene insight and Clinical wrinkle-solving researchHenry Zhang  PhD    Marketing Director
Shanghai GREAF Biotech., LTD.
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:30-14:10Clean Beauty and Natural ActivesRicard Armengol,CEO of Provital, S.A.
Nina Yang,General Manager of Provital Trading (China) CO.,Ltd.
14:10-14:50Application of Protein and Peptides in SkincareGuifeng Zhang  PhD,
Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
14:50-15:30Investigate the Mechanism of Different Types of Cosmetics Based on the Skin MicrostructureDr. Zhang Wanping    Executive Dean
International School of Cosmetics of Shanghai Institute of Technology
15:30-16:10“Cosmetic Contact Dermatitis” and “Cosmetic”---Friend or Enemy? Yuan Chao Ph.D.
Skin & Cosmetic Research Dept, Shanghai Skin Diseases Hospital
16:10-16:50New Brightening Active Ingredient “PCE-DP”: it’s mechanism of action and development history 【Presented in Japanese & Chinese】Tomomasa Shimanuki  General manager
Frontier Research Center
Pola Chemical Industries, INC.

PCHi2020 Cosmetics Efficacy Evaluation and Testing  Conference (Paid)

Time:10:00-17:00, 3 June

Venue:  Room 10, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Ning Su, Deputy Director           Partner:Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine
Sponsors:Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd
10:00-10:40Environmental Urban Exposure and Visible Clinical Sign of AgingYe Chengda  Senior manager of product performance evaluation
L’Oreal research and innovation Center
10:45-11:25In vitro Testing and Product InnovationYongbo Lu  Managing  Director
Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
11:30-12:10Safety and Efficacy Assessment of Cosmetics Using Skin Barrier Damage ModelsChen Tian  Senior Manager
Shanghai Jahwa
                                                                                                              Lunch Time
13:30-14:10Application of Image Evaluation and Analysis on Cosmetic Clinical Efficacy TestZheng Hongyan  Senior engineer
Cosmetic Tech Center, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ)
14:10-14:50Skin Barrier Issues and SolutionsFrankl   R&D Senior Engineer
Shanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd
14:50-15:30To Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Colla Corii Asini(E'Jiao) in Skin Physiological FunctionsLiao Feng  Vice Director of R&D Institute
15:30-16:10The Methods of Evaluating Efficacy during Development of Hair ProductsDr. Xiaowei Chang  Senior R &D Manager
Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
16:10-16:50Next Generation Risk Assessment on Cosmetic Ingredients without Animal Testing and Case StudiesJin LI  Senior Safety Scientist
The Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre,United Kingdom

PCHi2020 “How Can SGS Help You Build An Ideal Claim Substantiation? ”Conference [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] (Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:00-17:00, 2 June

Venue: Room 6, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:SGS         Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions       Co-organizer:SGS
13:00-14:30Progress and Trends for Evaluation of Cosmetics with A Whitening Effect
Performance Evaluation for Sensitive Skin 
Vice President of Chinese Dermatologist Association, and SGS Cosmetic Clinical Evaluation Center Technical Consultant
14:30-15:00SGS Independently Checked Mark – Delivering Trust with Professionalism
 How can you gain consumer trust in your product claims?
 How can your product get SGS certification?
Head of the SGS Independently Checked Mark Project, SGS
15:00-16:30Cosmetics Performance Tests: How to Substantiate Claims
 Newtone image analysis technology
 Sun care product efficacy testing
 Whitening product efficacy testing
 Anti-blue light testing
How to Avoid Violation of Cosmetic Efficacy Claims
 Interpretation of cosmetic claims regulations
 Case study
Freda YANG
Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Product Service Technical Manager, SGS

PCHi2020  Microbiome Revolution and Skin Health [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks] (Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:30-17:00 , 3 June

Venue:  Room 2, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions        Co-organizer:Sethic
13:30-13:40Microbiome Revolution: Introduction MC
13:40 – 14:20The Secret of Microbiome: the Source of Longevity to the Future of BeautyDr Bejit IDEAS
A microbiota specialist with a PhD in Biochemistry
14:20 – 14:50Skin Microbiome: from a dermatologist point of viewDr. Chao YUAN
Skin & Cosmetic Research Dept, Shanghai Skin Diseases Hospital.
Ph.D., Franche-Comte University, France. 
14:50 – 15:30Targeting our skin microbiome and gut microbiome for skin healthJean-Yves Bruxer
Managing director of SETHIC for Greater China
15:30 – 15:40Mini-pause of 10 minutes
15:40 – 16:10Microbiome-Friendly Cosmetic ApplicationsDr. Tian CHEN
Medical PhD, Senior Manager of Basic Research Center of Shanghai Jahwa Research & Development Department
16:10 – 16:40Global Trend for Microbiome/Fermentation Applications in Personal CareEmmy He
Associate Director
Insights and Client Service , China
16:40 – 17:00Awards for Microbiome ApplicationsAwards

PCHi2020 Innovative Ingredients & Green Personal Care Formulations Conference  [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks](Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:10:00-12:00, 3 June

Venue:  Room 3, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center      MC:Tony Sun 

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions      Co-organizer:Zhongshi Chemical/Sion Lion USA
10:00-11:00A Holistic Approach to Green Natural Amino Acid Formulations for Personal Care Products Jun Wu, Chief Scientist, Sino Lion USA
11:00-12:00Innovative green mild preservative solution-Application & prospectHanah Ren, Expert, Sion Lion USA

PCHi2020 Robertet Group Conference [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks](Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)
Time:13:00-17:00, 3 June        Venue:  Room 3, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center
Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Co-organizer:  Robertet Group
13:00-15:00 Natural Skin CareMs Christelle Sempe
Personal Care Marketing Manager
Robertet Group
15:00-17:00 Beauty from within and Cosmetics Ms Irène LAMOUR
R&D Skin &Hair Ingredients Manager
Robertet Group

PCHi2020 The Secret to a Healthy Skin Barrier [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks](Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:30-16:10, 3 June

Venue:  Room 4, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Echo Wang          Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions     Co-organizer:Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
13:30-14:00Consumer understanding of sensitive skin and skin barriersDr. David Hao
KOL in Cosmetics
14:00-14:30Clinical study on sensitive skinProf. Li Li
Chief dermatologist/professor/PhD supervisor; Director of Cosmetics Evaluation Center
West China Hospital Sichuan University
14:30-14:50Evonik excellence ceramide platformDr. Chen Liu
Head of Innovation Management APAC, Cosmetic Solutions & Active Ingredients, BL Care Solutions
Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
14:50-15:20Skin barrier test results of heavy makeup using consumersDr. Sam Huang
Founder of we-media Ji Chu Yan Jiu
15:20-15:50Interpreting skin barrier repairing with big dataMs. Rena Chen
Senior Data Analyst of Bevol
15:50-16:10Precise research and development based on user data - ceramide creamDr. Melody Tang
Partner of YAT, Head of YAT Skincare Research Institute

PCHi2020 OWEN Conference [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks](Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:00-17:00, 3 June

Venue:  Room 5, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions       Co-organizer:OWEN
13:00-17:00Beauty is all about natural power: Customer seminar for Beauty by OWEN products  Benedicte Courel/ General Manager Cosmetics Business Global/ Roquette
1. Cosmetics trends Global trends / China cosmetic market
2. New era for cosmetics: natural protection
3. Unique Self Expression: dreamlike sensoriality

PCHi 2020  Chinese Cosmetics: Legacy and Innovations—TCM Raw Material Industry Developments [PCHi x Exhibitor Talks](Complimentary Access with PCHi Badge)

Time:13:00-17:00, 3 June

Venue:  Room 11, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Co-organizer:  The TCM Beauty Industry Committee of WFCMS
13:10-13:20Problems to be solved in the development of Chinese herbal medicine cosmeticsHuiliang Li
Professor Senior Engineer
13:20-13:50Natural active ingredients and traceability of original medicinal materialsZHANG TONG  Professor
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
13:50-14:20Study on enrichment of active components in traditional Chinese medicine and product developmentYiming Li   Professor
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
14:20-14:50Quality control of raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine based on quality markersZhikun Li   Director
Shanghai Microspectrum Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd
14:50-15:20ESTABLISHMENT OF COSMETIC EVALUATION PLATFORM and development of new evaluation methodProf. Mingsan Miao   Executive Dean
Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
15:20-15:50Study on new technology of traditional Chinese medicine preparation and cosmeticShenlin Shi   Professor
Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
16:00-17:00Round Table Forum: How to develop characteristic national cosmetics with Chinese medicine raw materialsShi Lei              General Manager of Elaine ( Shanghai ) Industrial Co., Ltd
Cheng Kang     Deputy Director of Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Co., LTD .
Chen GuoBao   Deputy Chief Engineer of Research Institute of Gansu Fanzhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
JOANNE BAO   Director of R&D Center (SH) of Bloomage BioTechnology Corp.,Ltd.
Qiu Xiaofeng   Vice President of Nox Bellcow Cosmetic  Co.,Ltd

all information above is updated as of 26 Mar., 2020. 

Remark: Specific agenda is accuarate as onsite.