PCHi2020 Conference Agenda

PCHi Conference Plenary Talks: Trend-driven Innovations for a Smart Future

Time:13:30-17:00, 26 Feb.      Venue: Room 1, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Dr. Weiping Mei,Director of China Affair Coordination,Global R&D Center, Beiersdorf

Partner: Mintel  

13:30-14:10Holistic Beauty--Physical Properties of Capillaries and Skin 【Presented in Japanese;Chinese; English】TAMURA Shohei, President

Shiseido China Innovation Centre

14:20-15:00Baby-proof Cosmetics: Consumers Want Ultimate Safety 【Presented in English & Chinese】Jayanne Jin/ EVP  Business Development


15:10-15:50Beauty Today to 2030: A Roadmap to Success 【Presented in English & Chinese】Jessica Jin   Beauty and Personal Care Category Director


16:00-16:40Research Trends Driving Modern Cosmetics 【Presented in English & Chinese】Rachel Grabenhofer  Managing Editor

Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T)


PCHi2020 Cosmetics Formulation Conference 

Time:10:00-17:00, 27 Feb.      Venue: Room 6, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Huiliang Li,Professor Senior Engineer

Sponsor : Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

10:00-10:40Formulation Concept for Developing New ProductsChang-Li-Ching  CEO

(Taiwan) Chang-Li-Ching Technology Consultants Ltd

10:45-11:25Skin microbiota: New trend or hot topic?

Dr. Xianghua Qu  Regional Marketing Manager

Asia Pacific, Skin Essential

Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

11:30-12:10Skin Microecology and Cosmetics Research and DevelopmentLiya Song  Deputy Director

Cosmetics Department, School of Science 

Beijing technology and business university

Lunch Time
13:30-14:10Healthy Skin MicrobiomeZhe-Xue Quan  Professor

School of Life Sciences, Fudan University

14:20-15:00New research on skin microbiome - environmental bacteria and the skin, and countermeasures【Presented in Japanese & Chinese】KAORU KASAHARA  Researcher

Frontier Research Center

Pola Chemical Industries, INC.

15:10-15:50How to Make Good Formulation  in Consideration of Skin  MicroecologyLaiji Ma PhD

Executive president, the Institute of Oriental Beauty Valley

Shanghai institute of Technology

16:00-16:40DiscussionZhe-Xue Quan  Professor,School of Life Sciences, Fudan University

Du Zhiyun  

Binghan (De-Tian Xu),Tongji University Medical School

PCHi2020 Market Trends Conference 

Time:10:00-17:00, 27 Feb.      Venue: Room 7, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Dr. Wang Tianxiang

Partner : Mintel        Media Partner: SPC

10:00-10:40Big Data Boosts Next Ingredients Tail Wind for cosmetic products R&DShengnan Tang PhD

Co-founder of YAT

General Manager of YANYAN Information Technology (Shanghai) CO., LTD

10:50-11:30Impact of Skincare Products, Beauty Devices and Cosmetic Surgery on Consumers' Attitudes towards BeautyYali Jiang  Senior Analyst


Lunch Time
13:00-14:10Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Beauty Ingredients  【Presented in English & Chinese】Julia Wray

Editor – SPC

Technical Editor – Cosmetics Business

14:20-15:00Innovation trends and opportunities in Asia Skin Care Market 【Presented in English & Chinese】Sumit Chopra   Director of Research & Analysis


15:10-15:50Overview of Active Ingredients in Personal Care Industry in China, Japan, and KoreaJeanne Huang  Engagement Manager


16:00-16:40Beauty Market Trend and Technology Outlook in North AmericaDr. Wang Tianxiang  Former R&D Director

Estée Lauder (USA) Global R&D Center

PCHi2020 Skin Care Clinical Research &  Foundation Conference 

Time:10:00-17:00, 27 Feb.      Venue: Room 8, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Dr. Zhang Wanping

Sponsors : Provital;Greaf Biotech Shanghai

10:00-10:40Preventing the Relapse of Inflammatory Skin Diseases by Protecting the Skin BarrierLi Xia   MD, Associate Professor

Department of Dermatology, Ruijin Hospital 

10:45-11:25Skin Barrier FunctionWei Liu, Prof. of Dermatology

Dermatological Hospital, GHAF

11:30-12:10“Cosmetic Contact Dermatitis” and “Cosmetic”---Friend or Enemy?Yuan Chao Ph.D.

Skin & Cosmetic Research Dept, Shanghai Skin Diseases Hospital

 Lunch Time
14:10-14:50New Brightening Active Ingredient “PCE-DP”: it’s mechanism of action and development history 【Presented in Japanese & Chinese】Tomomasa Shimanuki  General manager

Frontier Research Center

Pola Chemical Industries, INC.

14:50-15:30Investigate the Mechanism of Different Types of Cosmetics Based on the Skin MicrostructureDr. Zhang Wanping    Executive Dean

International School of Cosmetics of Shanghai Institute of Technology

15:30-16:10UpdatingGreaf Biotech Shanghai
16:10-16:50Application of Protein and Peptides in SkincareGuifeng Zhang  PhD, 

Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

PCHi2020 Cosmetics Efficacy Evaluation and Testing  Conference 

Time:10:00-17:00, 27 Feb.      Venue:  Room 9, Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center

MC:Ning Su, Deputy Director           Partner:Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine

Sponsor:Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd

10:00-10:40Environmental Urban Exposure and Visible Clinical Sign of AgingYe Chengda  Senior manager of product performance evaluation

L’Oreal research and innovation Center

10:45-11:25In vitro Testing and Product InnovationYongbo Lu  Managing  Director

Guangdong Biocell Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

11:30-12:10Safety and Efficacy Assessment of Cosmetics Using Skin Barrier Damage ModelsChen Tian  Senior Manager

Shanghai Jahwa

Lunch Time
13:30-14:10Application of Image Evaluation and Analysis on Cosmetic Clinical Efficacy TestZheng Hongyan  Senior engineer

Cosmetic Tech Center, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ)

14:10-14:50UpdatingShanghai Huiwen Biotech Corp.,Ltd
14:50-15:30To Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Colla Corii Asini(E'Jiao) in Skin Physiological FunctionsLiao Feng  Vice Director of R&D Institute


15:30-16:10The Methods of Evaluating Efficacy during Development of Hair ProductsDr. Xiaowei Chang  Senior R &D Manager

Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

16:10-16:50Next Generation Risk Assessment on Cosmetic Ingredients without Animal Testing and Case StudiesJin LI  Senior Safety Scientist

The Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre,United Kingdom

PCHi2020 Rules & Regulations Conference 
Interpretation of the latest regulation amendments (macro direction)
Regulations update interpretation - material declaration
Interpretation of regulations - classification of raw materials

PCHi x Exhibitor Talks
PM, 26-FebRoom 6: SGS
AM, 27-FebRoom 1-A: Symrise Shanghai Ltd
PM,    27-FebRoom 1-A: Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.
AM,    27-FebRoom 2:  Keywa
AM, 27-FebRoom 3:Sinolion
PM, 27-FebRoom 3:Robertet Flavors & Fragrances(Beijing) Co., Ltd.
PM, 27-FebRoom 4:Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
PM, 27-FebRoom 5:Owen Trading Co Ltd
PM, 27-FebRoom 11:PCHi 2020  Chinese Cosmetics: Legacy and Innovations—TCM Raw Material Industry Developments (The TCM Beauty Industry Development Committee of WFCMS)

all information above is updated as of 6 Jan., 2020. 

Remark: Specific agenda is accuarate as onsite.