PCHi Technology Summit 2022

September 15 -16  Guangzhou, China


Set to take place from September 15-16 this year in Guangzhou, the 6th edition of the PCHi Technology Summit will feature a stellar panel of speakers to cover the latest trends. The event will address the industry's most pressing needs and trends, providing a premium platform for industry and academia to discuss the sector’s hottest topics.


Comprising a main forum and breakout sessions, the Summit focuses on pushing the boundaries of beauty and technology to give the industry a new lease of life. Newly introduced breakout sessions will also open the door for extensive technical exchanges, these sessions include the Hair and Scalp Care Forum, Medical Aesthetics Skincare Recovery and Anti-Aging Forum, and several symposiums on international state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, the Summit will feature sponsored themed forums, where RSE will assume the role of a co-host and work closely with sponsors to curate quality content for these platforms.


This year’s Summit is expected to bring together a record number of attendees and an expanded showcase. A ceremony to launch the PCHi 2023 Fountain Awards will also be held in conjunction with the Summit.


Under the guidance and support of the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) and the China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA), the Summit will boast an all-rounded program that will enable R&D professionals, regulators, and decision-makers to keep pace with the latest market developments, understand industry trends, learn more about the newest technological advancements, and establish partnerships. Attendees can expect an agenda that addresses the industry’s complete supply chain, covering a diverse range of topics, such as raw material technologies, product formulation, efficacy evaluation, clinical application, and market dynamics

Delegates at PCHi Technology Summit 2021

What to expect…


Held at the Guangzhou Yuexiu International Congress Center, this year’s Summit promises to be the most exciting yet — with newly introduced conference themes, a larger venue, and expanded booth showcases. 


Ø 2,000+ delegates

Ø 100+ authoritative experts

Ø 100+ cosmetics brand companies

Ø Diverse range of conference themes — covering technologies, rules & regulations, market trends, medical aesthetics skincare recovery, R&D, efficacy evaluation & testing, etc.

Ø All-new Hair and Scalp Care Forum and Medical Aesthetics Skincare Recovery & Anti-Aging Forum

Ø Symposiums on international state-of-the-art technologies

Ø Concurrent event — PCHi Fountain Awards 2023 launching ceremony




Supporting Organizations


Who should attend?

Ø Senior managers, R&D directors, and formulation engineers from personal care and cosmetics finished product enterprises, OEM/ODM manufacturers, and ingredient companies

Ø Professionals involved in industry regulation, R&D, efficacy evaluation and testing, and market research

Ø Representatives from relevant industry associations, universities, and consulting companies

Ø Dermatologists and practitioners concerned with medical cosmetology

Ø Industry insiders interested in the integration of biotechnology with cosmetics

Ø People interested in personal care products and the cosmetics industry

Summit Agenda (tentative)


Day 1 (September 15)

Day 2 (September 16)





All Day

Main Forum: Beyond the Boundaries for New Life

· Session I - Innovation and Development of Cosmetics Under New Regulations

· Session II - Cross-Border Trends and Technologies

Cosmetics R&D and Formulation Forum

Clinical Dermatology Research and Skincare Forum


Sponsored Theme Forum by Cargill

Sponsored Theme Forum by Bloomage Biotech

Sponsored Theme Forum by BASF

Sponsored Theme Forum by Rahn



Sponsored Theme Forum by Gattefossé

Sponsored Theme Forum by SGS on Cutting-edge Solutions to Cosmetic Efficacy Evaluation

Sponsored Theme Forum by Ashland on the Safe, Efficient, Mild, Antimicrobial, and Innovative Solutions


Sponsored Theme Forum by Fancy Biotech

Medical Aesthetics Skincare Recovery & Anti-Aging Forum

Afternoon: to be announced

Market Trends Forum


Cosmetics Testing Forum by Shanghai Society of Toxicology

Hair and Scalp Care Forum

*More topics to be announced, please refer to the latest schedule on-site.

Hot Topics (tentative)

The main forum, Beyond the Boundaries for New Life, zooms in on cutting-edge cosmetic trends, technologies, and regulations.


The breakout sessions unpack themes on R&D and formulation for cosmetics, medical aesthetics  skincare recovery and anti-aging, hair and scalp care, clinical dermatology research and skincare, market trends, testing, etc. Other highlights include several new sponsored, themed forums.


R&D and Formulation for Cosmetics

· How can cosmetic formulators create products with product managers under the new regulations?

· R&D on multi-target cosmeceuticals 

· Formulation technology and methodology under new regulations

· Cosmetic formulation: Product Manager and R&D Engineer

· Product innovation driven by big data

· Innovative source of anti-aging microorganism ingredients under extreme environments

· How to build technological prowess in the era of efficacy


Clinical Dermatology Research and Skincare

· Technological progress in the efficacy evaluation of anti-acne cosmetics 

· Effect of TCM on allergic skin barriers

· Latest research progress in skin aging

· The role of skin barriers in anti-aging


Medical Aesthetics & Skincare Recoveryand Anti-Aging

· R&D focus of the use of biomedical technology in skin rejuvenation treatment

· Biomedical technology in the formulation of medical-grade skincare products

· Innovative R&D focus of cosmeceuticals

· Mitochondria and aging from cutting-edge technology to anti-aging product development

· Scalp aging and scalp care 

· Innovative application of small molecular peptides in medical aesthetics and anti-aging

· Protect skin with zinc


Market Trends

· Creating strong cosmetic products under the efficacy-centric trends 

· Trends in sustainable cosmetic packaging

· Global trends in cosmetics and personal care

· The next big thing in cosmetics: emotional skincare


Hair and Scalp Care

· Progress in seborrheic dermatitis treatment

· Efficacy evaluation methodology in hair product development

· Research progress in anti-hair loss cosmetics and their formulation technology under the new regulations


Cosmetics Testing Forum

· Toxicology testing requirements and standard methodology for new cosmetic ingredients

· Raw materials for home-made cosmetics in China: weaknesses, standards, sustainability, testing and evaluation

· Innovative cosmetic source the efficacy of raw materials and lab-based efficacy evaluation technology

· Opportunities and challenges of cosmetics testing under the new regulations


Throwback to the 5th PCHi Technology Summit

The PCHi Technology Summit has seen continuous growth since its inception in 2017. Centered on the theme of ‘Empowering the Future with Technology”, last year’s PCHi Technology Summit also comprised a main forum and breakout sessions, which outlined innovative technologies and cutting-edge science and highlighted relevant topics — including market trends, policies and regulations, cosmetic R&D and formulation, efficacy evaluation and testing, clinical dermatology research and fundamental skincare, sustainable development, natural beauty makeup, environmental exposure, and skin health. The Summit has been leading the industry as a high-quality platform for exchange and communications.


What was covered…

Keynote speeches by leaders of established industry associations

In-depth interpretation of the latest cosmetic regulations by senior leaders of CFDA

New guest speakers whose research covered life sciences, stem cell exosomes, human phenomics and skin health, fundamental research, sustainable development, product development of special Chinese plant resources, and digital beauty

Reputable clinicians from various local hospitals who combined clinical practice with applications, some of whom were from the Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Dermatology Dept. of Tongji Hospital under the Tongji University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University or Yunnan Dermatology Hospital, Huadong Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, etc

Professors from renowned universities who spoke on a wide variety of topics related to integrating industry, academia, research, and application. Some of them are from Jiangnan University, Jinan University, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Fudan University, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, etc.

Professionals from China, France, UK, US, Germany, Canada, etc., presenting global trends and technology exchanges

Cosmetic tech gurus from Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Proya, Inoherb, Pechoin, Botanee, etc., sharing their experiences



Key Figures

Ø 10 forum themes

Ø 40 booths and product displays

Ø 67 engaging presentations and discussions

Ø 87 authoritative industry speakers

Ø 1,300+ on-site attendees


Partial List of Past Participants

Partial List of Past Sponsors

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