PCHi Annual Industry Conference 2019: Agenda Preview

Next year, PCHi expects to welcome more than 20,000 visitors through its doors, to a showcase from nearly 600 companies from 30 countries and regions, occupying an exhibition area of almost 40,000 m2.

A vital part of the show, the PCHi Annual Industry Conference will cover a comprehensive range of topics in a brand-new format comprising a mix of Keynote and Break-out Sessions. Opening the event is the PCHi Conference Plenary Talks — a series of keynote presentations about the latest market trends and technologies — followed by in-depth, elective conference sessions on topics such as technology, rules & regulations, market trends, packaging, and exhibitor technologies.

Here’s a preview of the exciting line-up that awaits your participation!

Date: 26 – 27 February 2019

Venue: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center, China

PCHi Conference Plenary Talks: Trend-driven Innovations for a Smart Future

Highlights: Keen on having a quick overview of the global personal care market? For the first time, PCHi will curate a collection of keynote presentations that provide delegates with a snapshot of the latest market trends and best technologies. A response to the industry’s learning needs, the Plenary will offer attendees — especially international visitors – the chance to uncover business opportunities in the Chinese personal care market.

The Plenary will cover a broad range of topics, including the most current trends concerning thecosmetics market, color cosmetics, packaging, as well as cosmetics formulation technology. Delivered in both Chinese and English (simultaneous translation), these sessions will feature some of the world’s most authoritative academics, industry experts, and formulators.

Who should attend?

Senior executives, formulators, and marketing personnel who want to learn more about the latest cosmetics technologies and the personal care market’s growth potential for the next few years.

Break-out Sessions — 27 February 2019

Cosmetics Formulation Conference

Highlights: The safety and efficacy of cosmetics and personal care products have always been a key consideration for R&D innovation. Consequently, research and development of green and natural herbal plants has also received much interest. What are some factors of the R&D process for such products? What are some common challenges, and how do experts solve them? What’s their product formulation approach? And what are some of the latest formulation innovations?

Here, product formulators from renowned finished products companies will share more about the innovative technologies and challenges involved in formulation R&D around green and herb plants cosmetics.

Who should attend?

R&D personnel interested in green and natural herbs cosmetics.

Cosmetics Efficacy Evaluation and Testing Technology Conference

Highlights:Efficacy evaluation have emerged as buzzwords of the industry in recent years. What are some commonly used evaluation methods? What are their respective mechanisms of action and potential risks? What about evaluating for special populations? And are there any new testing technologies? This conference will include in-depth and interactive discussions with industry experts onmechanisms of action, application analysis, technical knowledge, and the outlook of cosmetics efficacy evaluation and testing technology.

Who should attend?

Personnel concerned about regulations and techniques involving product efficacy evaluation and testing, as well as those involved in technical R&D and business development.

Dermo-cosmetics Clinical Research & Skin Care Products Foundation Conference

Highlights: In recent years, medical skin care products/cosmeceuticals have risen to prominence in the cosmetics market, and China is reportedly the 2nd largest medical and beauty market in the world. Technavios Market Research also predicted that the global medical beauty market is expected to welcome a steady growth rate of 7% annually by 2020. At the same time, according to a Euromonitor survey, the global sales of skin care products is expected to exceed US$20.1 billion for the period between 2014 and 2019, with China making up almost 60% of global sales of skin care products by 2019.

In this conference, delegates will hear from clinicians and experts that hail from well-known finished products companies and universities. Topics include clinical mechanisms and application, product research and development, as well as skin care influence factors, solutions, and technology.

Who should attend?

Personnel involved in skin care R&D, physicians, and trainees of hospitals, or marketing and industry personnel concerned about medical cosmetology.

Rules & Regulations Conference

Highlights: Relevant experts from authoritative institutions and industry regulatory departments will interpret hot issues concerning new rules and regulations as well as regulatory trends, for countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Europe. Authoritative experts will analyze the laws and regulations around international trade of cosmetics, providing delegates with a roadmap to navigate this journey. Also, regulatory experts from finished products companies will be invited to share their experience in production, declaration, and testing under current rules.

Who should attend?

Directors, managers, and supervisors in-charge of regulatory affairs, especially those representing finished product firms.

Market Trends Conference

Highlights: Market trends determine the direction in which an industry moves toward, and the influence that these trends have on R&D and industry development cannot be taken lightly. As the first conference event of the year for the cosmetics sector, PCHi’s Market Trends Conference provides delegates with the latest marketinformation and has always been a main attraction for attendees. Hear from senior consultants, industry analysts, and brand experts, who will share their thoughts onbrand marketing and consumer behavior trends in the cosmetics market.

Who should attend?

Marketing personnel, senior executives, and third-party institutions keen to learn more about brand marketing, and consumer behavior trends.

Exhibitor Theater

Highlights: Interested to learn more about thelatest ingredients adopted by ingredient companies; how these ingredients are applied on products; what lessons and experiences have they gained from product application; and the new technologies available? The PCHi 2019 Exhibitor Theater brings ingredient suppliers together to hold industry sharing sessions to help the audience gain a deeper understanding of the industry dynamics from an ingredient point-of-view.

Who should attend?

R&D personnel, formulators, purchasing staff, marketing personnel, and senior executives concerned about the R&D, application, and trends of ingredients.

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