Preview of PCHi 2018 Conference Program

Come March 2018, PCHi will welcome more than 20,000 visitors through its doors, to a showcase put up by over 550 companies from more than 20 countries and regions, occupying an exhibition area of almost 32,000 m2.


A vital part of the show, the PCHi Conference Program will cover a comprehensive range of topics under five main tracks — Technology, Rules & Regulations, Market Trends, Packaging, and Exhibitor Theater. Besides popular, recurring topics, attendees can expect new sessions that discuss Inter-disciplinary Innovation & Academic Research,University-led Pioneering Technology and Cosmetics Life Science Technology. With more than 130 sessions covering over 15 topics, PCHi expects nearly 3,000 industry representatives at its next conference. Here’s a preview of the exciting line-up, which you can be a part of!


Conference Tracks


(I) Technology


§   Cosmetics Formulation Conference

Highlights: A successful product depends highly on R&D and technical innovation. At PCHi 2018, industry experts will share more about the innovative technologies and challenges involved in formulation R&D.


Who should attend?
Personnel engaged in cosmetics R&D and product development.


§   Cosmetics Testing Conference

Highlights: In vitro testing, product safety assessment, and efficacy evaluation have emerged as buzzwords of the industry in recent years. At PCHi 2018, the Cosmetics Testing Conference will include in-depth and interactive discussions with industry experts on trends, application analysis, and risk evaluation with in vitro testing, as well as focus on toxic properties, safety, and efficacy evaluation.



Who should attend?
Personnel concerned about regulations and techniques involving in vitro testing, product safety assessment, and efficacy evaluation, as well as those involved in market development.


§   Dermo-cosmetics Clinical Research & Application Conference

Highlights: In recent years, medical skin care products have risen to prominence in the cosmetics market. More consumers are willing to select medical skin care products to achieve the skin care and cosmetic effects that general cosmetics cannot achieve, leading to the popularity of medical cosmetology. This was one of PCHi’s most popular conferences last year, and it was well-received by industry professionals. PCHi 2018 has invited renowned clinicians and R&D experts to share from the perspectives of clinical application, and product research and development.


Who should attend?
Personnel involved in skin care R&D, physicians and trainees of hospitals, or marketing and industry personnel concerned about medical cosmetology.


§   Green Ingredients and Natural Herbs Conference

Highlights: The safety and efficacy of cosmetics and personal care products have always been a key consideration for R&D innovation. Consequently, research and development of green ingredients and natural herbal plants has also received much interest. What are key considerations in the R&D of these products? What are some challenges in the development of new green and natural products? Industry experts will share their knowledge and experience on product development, application, and safety concerns.


Who should attend?
R&D and marketing personnel interested in green ingredients, natural herbs, and Chinese herbal medicine.


§   Hair Care Conference

Highlights: According to Marketline, the global hair care industry is expected to develop at a CAGR of 4% from 2013 to 2018, and the market value is projected to reach US$60 billion by the end of 2018. Hair and scalp health has become a major area of concern, especially in hair care and anti-hair loss technologies. Hair care experts, analysts, and clinicians will share their insights on the latest global hair care trends, clinical application, and hair care product development and technologies.


Who should attend?
Technical personnel involved in R&D related to hair and scalp care, including finished-product firms, ingredients suppliers, representatives of scientific research institutions, and others interested to learn more about hair care.


§   Skin Care Products – Theory & Foundation Conference

Highlights: Skin care has always been a common concern. According to a survey by Euromonitor, the global sales of skin care products is expected to exceed US$20.1 billion for the period between 2014 and 2019, and as of 2019, China will make up for almost 60% of global sales of skin care products. A survey conducted during the 2017 PCHi Technology Summit among leaders of global personal care and cosmetics industry found that two key topics of interest are anti-aging and anti-allergenic. As a recurring conference theme at PCHi, the 2018 installment will invite experts to lead an in-depth discussion on the research and development of anti-aging and anti-allergenic products.


Who should attend?
Technical personnel involved in R&D related to skin care, as well as marketing personnel and senior managers of companies concerned about skin health and skin care.


§   Inter-disciplinary Innovation & Academic Research Conference (NEW)

Highlights: What inter-disciplinary theories can be applied in the development of personal and home care products? How do these theories guide the development of personal and home care products? How can various disciplines enable innovation and bring about optimum results? PCHi 2018 will see the debut of the inter-disciplinary innovation & academic research conference where renowned academics from various colleges and universities will expound on the relevance of the theories of Cosmetic Science, Polymer Science, and Rheology etc. in the field of personal care and home care.


Who should attend?
Researchers, college professors, representatives from scientific research institutions, or industry analysts and personnel interested to learn more about inter-disciplinary fields related to personal and home care products.


University-led Pioneering Technologies Conference (NEW)

Highlights: Science and technology are powerful tools to boost livelihoods, businesses, and a nation’s economy; and universities serve as a cradle for innovations in science and technology. This conference will provide a platform for 19 universities to unveil their pioneering technologies in cosmetics product formats, ingredients, formulation, product innovations, and packaging designs. Industry professionals will have the opportunity to hear from the academics on their scientific and technological achievements, and also have discussions about the evolution of technology. Through interactive conversations, delegates and speakers can jointly promote the building of Chinese cosmetics brands, and further the new era of Chinese cosmetics technology.


Who should attend?

Decision-makers, R&D personnel who are interested in science and technology, formulation, evaluation tests, and personnel in-charge of business development.


§   Cosmetics Life Science Technology Conference (NEW)

Highlights: Innovation of products hinges on research and inter-disciplinary theories can provide the basis for more inspiration. PCHi 2018 will hold the first cosmetics life science technology conference and invite industry experts to share their expertise through the lens of theories and technology, on the topics of dermatology and biology.


Who should attend?
Personnel involved in R&D for cosmetics, college professors, senior executives, and academic researchers concerned about life science technology and inter-disciplinary research.


(II) Rules & Regulations


§   Rules & Regulations Conference

Highlights: Relevant experts from authoritative institutions and industry regulatory departments will interpret hot issues concerning new rules and regulations and supervision trend for cosmetics from countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Europe. Authoritative experts will analyze the laws and regulations around international trade of cosmetics, provide a roadmap to help delegates navigate this journey.


Who should attend?
Directors, managers, and supervisors in-charge of legal affairs, especially those representing finished product firms.


(III) Market Trends


§   Market Trends Conference

Highlights: Market trends determine the direction that an industry moves towards, and the influence these trends have on R&D and industry development cannot be taken lightly. As the first conference of the year in the cosmetics sector, PCHi’s Market Trends Conference, which provides the latest market information, remains a major attraction. Delegates will meet with senior consultants and industry analysts, color research masters and brand experts, who will share their thoughts on color, brand marketing, and consumer behavior trends in the cosmetics market.


Who should attend?
Marketing personnel, senior executives, and third-party institutions who are interested to find out more about color, brand marketing, and consumer behavior trends. 


(IV) Packaging


§   Cosmetics Packaging Technology and Trends Conference

Highlights: According to Grand View, the cosmetics and personal care packaging sector is expected to be worth US$37.25 billion by 2022. Packaging is a vital and strategic aspect of product marketing. What are the innovative packaging technologies available in the market? What principles have they adopted? What trends can we observe in the packaging sector? The PCHi 2018 Packaging Conference will revolve around the topics of innovation and cross-disciplinary collaborations in packaging design, packaging trends, and the concept of aesthetics.


Who should attend?
Designers of packaging enterprises, technical R&D personnel, manufacturers of packaging materials, as well as marketing personnel.


(V) Exhibitor Theater


Highlights: Keen to learn more about the latest ingredients adopted by ingredient companies; how these ingredients are applied on products; what lessons and experiences have they gained from their product application; and the new technologies available? The PCHi 2018 Exhibitor Theater brings ingredient suppliers together to hold industry sharing sessions to help the audience gain a deeper understanding of the industry dynamics, from the ingredient perspective.


Who should attend?
R&D personnel, formulators, purchasing staff, marketing personnel, and senior executives concerned about the R&D, application, and trends of ingredients.


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